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Marine Zaboon (マリンザブーン Marin Zabūn) (41-43): Piloted by Inventor Grotch. Resembles a shark. It helped capture Dapp in an ambush to take away his connection with the Carranger and, likewise, their Carmagic, causing VRV Robo to lose power while Sky Gigyoon held the Carranger off. As a result during their first underwater battle with VRV Robo, the Carranger were forced to return to land and then retreat while Signalman held it off with Sirender. In their second fight, it ends up defeating RV Robo easily due to the rapid loss of Carmagic by the team with Dapp captured. With Signalman's help, Sirender restrains Marine Zaboon so RV Robo could blast Grotch out of the cockpit with Plugnado Spark. By the final fight, it was remote controlled by President Gynamo. Destroyed by VRV Robo with the V Vulcan.



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  • This mech is one of three, along with Sky Gigyoon and Land Zuzoon, that parody the three main animals/members of former Sentai series Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan. Marine Zaboon is a representative of the "blue shark" of the trio.
  • Marine Zaboon uses roars from Toho's Hedorah, from 1971's Godzilla vs Hedorah.

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