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""No. No thanks. I said no thanks! Stop it!""
―Marigomori's first words when Shitari tried to coax him into the Rokumon Junk but he was too shy to meet Dokoku[src]
""Far enough? What's that? Why say that?! How rude, ordering me around on our first meeting. Forget it! Leave me alone! Despite appearances, I'm the introverted type."
―Marigomori when confronted by ShinkenRed and ShinkenPink and after being told he had gone far enough and then being ordered to stop. Then, Mako asked what he was on about and refused.[src]
""Damn you...""
―Marigomori after Takeru revealed how they cracked his shell and after realising it had been cracked as well as his inal words before his initial defeat.[src]
""How dare you make me unhappy!""
―Marigomori when he enlarged.[src]
""I wanted to be happy!""
―Marigomori's final words before his death.[src]

Marigomori (マリゴモリ, 16): Marigomori is a whiny, introverted Ayakashi with the ability to curl into his snail-like ironclad armour who's bent on making everyone more miserable than he is. But using a combination of heat and water, the Shinkengers manage to weaken the shell to use the Tora Five Rings Bullet to destroy him. Revived, he is once again weakened by the elemental attacks of Kabuto ShinkenOh and Kajiki ShinkenOh Armament forms, before ShinkenOh becomes Tora ShinkenOh to finish him off ith it's . His hard, shell-like armor is the inspiration for the Sazae-oni (栄螺鬼) of Japanese myth.


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