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Rie Aoi

The original member of the Sky Force codenamed W6 and the original female White Swan. Rie Aoi is 22 years and the second female partner of Sky Force W6 Ryu Tendo and the first female to be part of The Sky Force Team.

The first and true love of Ryu Tendo, she is chosen by commander Aya Odagiri who was the responsible for the J-project together with Sky Force codenamed W6 and his true love Ryu Tendo. After Ryu Tendo being cast by Birdman waves, the Vyram appear on the Sky Force's Earth Ship.and tries to destroy the Earth Ship.

Some part of the Earth Ship have a hole where the Vyram made that causeD Rie aoi to be stuck and his first love, Ryu Tendo on the other hand tries to pull his hand off Rie Aoi's hand. When the air coming from the hole itself was too strong, Rie Aoi's hand was coincidentally removed by Ryu Tendo that caused her to get sucked through the hole and was kidnapped by Count Radiguet, the Vyram elite leader. Radiguet brainwashed Rie Aoi to remove her memories as a human and to become one of the new female Vyram elite member to be named Maria. Armed with Necrod, her first weapon and responsible for creating Bio Dimensional BUG that it becomes a Bio Dimensional Monster when the bug itself is put on the objects that they search from the earth. Very beautiful but very cruel to her same gender. Loved to play the piano even when she was a human.


Rie as Maria

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