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"Eagle Squad is meant for the sky, Not Venjix"

Marcus Truman was Scott's older brother, former leader of the Eagle Squadron, code named Eagle 1.

Character History

He was an extremely talented flyer, often overshadowing Scott. His father, Colonel Truman thought of him highly. He perished in the Battle of Corinth when his plane was shot down. Prior to his death, he recommended his brother as second squadron leader.



  • Marcus' heroism and connection with his little brother is similar to that of Branch Leader Kaijo, the older brother of Tsuyoshi Kaijo (Akarenger) of the original Himitsu Sentai Gorenger
  • He is the second character in Power Rangers to die, the first being Kendrix from Lost Galaxy. Marcus was shot in a jet that blew up and Kendrix died protecting the Pink Space Ranger's powers. 
  • Unlike Kendrix, Marcus stays dead throughout the entirety of RPM
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