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"I'm losing altitude. This is Eagle One's last transmission. Scott"
―Marcus Truman's final words before his death.[src]

Marcus Truman was Scott's older brother, former leader of the Eagle Squadron, code named Eagle 1.


Marcus was an extremely talented flyer, often overshadowing Scott. His father, Colonel Truman thought of him highly. He perished in the Battle of Corinth when his plane was shot down by Venjix Drones, his final words calling out to Scott before his plane explodes in mid-air, killing him instantly. Prior to his death, he recommended his brother as a second squadron leader, a position that he eventually adopted after the finale.

Marcus, along with Andrews and the countless billions that Venjix slaughtered, would be avenged eleven years later when the Beast Morphers Rangers killed Venjix for good with their Beast-X King Megazord.



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