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Marcus Tien is a character who first appears in the Power Rangers Ninja Steel episode "The Ranger Ribbon", he is the father of Preston.


Marcus Tien is the father of Preston Tien and a known businessman in Summer Cove. At some point in his life, he and his wife Ellen left a ribbon in a tree somewhere in Summer Cove. Ellen later died of unknown causes. Years later, Marcus Tien took on Victor Vincent and Monty as interns as he made plans to have the ribbon tree cut down to put a building in much to the dismay of Preston and his friends. While Hayley Foster and Calvin Maxwell held down the fort on top of the ribbon tree, Brody Romero, Sarah Thompson, and Levi Weston put up fliers that would inform those who placed ribbons on the ribbon tree to come to its defense as Victor and Monty repeatedly failed to stop them. When a bunch of people showed up, the ribbon that Marcus and Ellen made came down causing Marcus to change his mind and not cut down the ribbon tree. Trapsaw and the Kudabots attacked in retaliation for the Rangers not setting off the trap because of the ribbon tree. Marcus wouldn't allow Trapsaw to harm the ribbon tree as Trapsaw begins to attack Marcus only for Preston to save him. After Trapsaw's destruction, Marcus established the location as Ribbon Tree Park to preserve the ribbon tree. Also, it was mentioned that Victor and Monty were fired from their internship.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ranger Ribbon


Marcus' personality is very similar to that of a businessman, he always works and is incredibly strict to his son. He can be difficult at times too, wanting to cut down the Ribbon tree just so he can create a building, though he does change his ways after he sees the ribbon that he and his wife created and becomes protective of the tree when Trapsaw prepares to cut it.

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  • Just like Aaron Foster in the later Super Ninja Steel episode, "Making Waves ", Marcus Tien is never seen again after this episode.