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Marato is one of many Troobian Empire Robots "given" to Emperor Gruumm by Broodwing.


Marato first appeared in Kyoto, Japan in the middle of nowhere and sucked several buildings up into its drawers. After the Rangers had a run-in with Katana, Kat was able to transport the Delta Base to Japan with its Hyper Speed Mode. Once there, it deployed the Delta Runners and the Rangers confronted Marato. Delta Runner 3 opened fire but had no effect and Delta Runner 1 was blasted before it could get close enough to land a hit. Realizing that this was futile, Cruger recalled the Rangers back to the Delta Base and formed the Delta Command Megazord but Jack had to leave and confront Katana. They restrained it with Super Crime Scene Tape but it broke free and shook up the Megazord with more blasts. However, under orders from Kat, the team shot out the glowing orbs under its pincers with their Finger Lasers to release the captured buildings. With the buildings safe, the Megazord quickly destroyed Marato with its chest blast. Samurai (episode)

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Marato was able to instantly snap the Super Crime Scene Tape that restrained it almost immediately after being trapped.
  • Durability: Marato was able to shrug off multiple hits from Delta Runner 3.
  • Laser Blasts: Marato can open up a panel on its front to reveal small cannons that can fire a spray of red lasers strong enough to force Delta Runner 1 out of its Delta Sword attack and severely shake up the Delta Command Megazord.
  • Building Absorption: Marato can extend one of its drawers and unleash a beam from one of its pincer hand orbs to absorb it into said drawer.


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