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Manzai Ninja Tsukko-Mina (漫才忍者ツッコ・ミーナ Manzainin Tsukkomina?, 41): A nose/clown Chunin, Tsukko is the best of Satorakura's ninjas, using comedic dialogue and hand gestures to perform his attacks. Though he overpowered the Rangers, he makes his leave with a rant of his "next stage performance". By Round two, Satorakura and Tsukko set up their two-man comedy show, "Hilarious! Satarz Talk Live", enraging the Rangers with their comedic routines so Sanderu can siphon their rage, but Kouta managed to negate Tsukko's power so he could be killed by the Victory Gadget with the space ninja's rage unsealing the Raging Arrow. Tsukko is then revived as the Tri-Condor was finally repaired and Karakuri Giant Tenrai Senpuujin destroys him.


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