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Mantis Canth (カマキリカンス Kamakirikansu, 30) is the final, ultimate Mecha-Gigan developed by Doctor Man, working alongside Monster and Zyuoh.


A mantis Mecha-Gigan with two sickles for its arms, the right one becomes fused with the sword "Kamikiri", the ultimate sword devised with Monster and Shiro's assistance. It also possesses a machine gun on each hip.


Mantis Canth is the ultimate Mecha-Gigan, developed to use a sword earned by Monster for being the fiance of a skillful sword-maker, created by both him and Shirou Gou. After gaining the sword, Monster fuses it with the Mecha-Gigan, which uses its power to easily slash Bio Robo; however Bioman use Super Maser's Weight Attack to destroy the Kamikiri Sword and then destroy the last Mecha-Gigan.


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Mantis canth

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