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"So Yellow Ranger, you dare to challenge me to single combat? You have no chance against me, weakling!"
―The Mantis' first words when confronting Trini after she morphed.[src]

The Mantis was an praying mantis monster who was extremely skilled in Praying Mantis Kung Fu an expert warrior. He was the main antagonist of the episode "Plague of the Mantis".


Rita ordered Finster to create the Mantis to do destroy Trini since he had been created to match her mantis fighting style. The Mantis was first detected by Alpha who sent Trini (who was practicing her martial arts in the woods) to investigate only for her to have to morph as the monster arrived. They then battled, with the Mantis calling Trini a weakling and easily overpowered her. Luckily, before she morphed, Trini had called the other Rangers for help. They swiftly made an appearance, forcing the Mantis to retreat since the other Rangers' arrival meant that he was outnumbered but not before the Mantis then invited Trini for a duel.

Trini trained with her sensei, Master Li and decided to fight Mantis alone. She and the Mantis later met at the quarry for single combat. The monster wanted to defeat Trini in a battle one on one, using her nobility and bravery (Mantis lacked both this traits). When Trini fought him, Mantis realized that his opponent is not only brave, but is highly skilled in battle so cheated in battle and summoned Putties who held her down. Luckily, before he could finish her off, the other Rangers arrived and saved her before Trini used her Power Daggers to overwhelm the monster.

Rita then made him grow so the Rangers summoned the Megazord but it was no match for the monster's pincers. Jason summoned the Power Sword and they matched the monster's blades before stabbing him in the gut and flipping him to the ground. They then completely overwhelmed Mantis with two slashes to the stomach and destroyed him with an energized slash. Plague of the Mantis

Trumpet Top later summoned an illusionary Mantis among other monsters as part of a plot to wear down the Rangers until Zordon saw through the plot which made the monsters vanish.. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park


The Mantis is a cunning, intelligent and skilled fighter in battle. But despite his skills he lacks such traits, as honor and prefers to cheat in battle. He  was surprisingly arrogant as he challenged Trini for a duel. He promised her a fair fight, but after the battle he told her that he really has no honor.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: The Mantis was capable of battling Trini and knocking the Megazord back with one swing of his pincers.
  • Skilled Fighter: The Mantis is also a skilled fighter, skilled in Praying Mantis Kung Fu. He easily overwhelmed Trini and all five Rangers with even the Megazord barely keeping up.
  • Teleportation: The Mantis can teleport to any location at will.


  • Mantis Claws: Instead of hands, Mantis has massive razor sharp green pincers which he can use to hack and slash his enemies. A single swing of her claws cut through a tree.

Behind The Scenes



  • The Mantis comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
  • The Mantis is one of only two monsters in Season 1 to lack any projectile or energy attacks, the other being Frankenstein's Monster.
    • However, one could argue the Mantis is actually the third without a projectile attack since Mutitus' original form lacked one as well. Others would argue that Mutitus is invalid since his second form had an energy attack and they were the same entity.
      • The fact that Mutitus and Frankenstein were the same entity in Zyuranger means that this is not a coincidence.
  • The Mantis, much like the Fighting Flea previously, has a gender discrepancy. They are referred to as male by the Rangers but also have a very obvious female voice.
    • The Mantis has arguably the simplest monster design for a Zyu2 monster since she is just an anthropomorphic mantis with no monstrous additions besides his size.
  • The Mantis is the first praying mantis-themed monster in Power Rangers. The next is Praying Mantis in In Space 5 years later, followed by Motor Mantis in Lost Galaxy 6 years later, and then Creepox in Megaforce 19 years later.


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