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Mantamobile is a water flea-themed mutant car thief. He is the secondary antagonist of the episode "A Blue Streak".


Mantamobile, like all other mutants, was created as the result of a chemical accident. Prior to the series, he was captured by the Time Force and put into the Cryo-Prison. Later, this mutant was released by Ransik to help Nadira with her robberies. Mantamobile was tasked to help Nadira to steal as many cars as possible to terrorise Silver Hills, which he accomplished by using his tentacles to manipulate the cars. He then escaped, only for the Time Force Rangers to outrun him with their new Vector Cycles. Mantamobile battled the Rangers with a army of Cyclobots, but was eventually defeated by the Vortex Blaster, prompting him to enlarge himself. In the giant battle, Mantamobile activated his armour and nearly defeated the Time Force Megazord, but was eventually defeated and frozen.

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Left Tentacle.


Mantamobile is a sneaky, cunning and unpredictable mutant. He is intelligent, nasty, calculating and manipulative thief who loves his job and stealing cars. But he is loyal to Nadira.

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-Much like Jetara and Fearog before him, Mantamobile is a reasonably strong mutant.
  • Enlarging: Like all other mutants, Mantamobile can enlarge himself using his DNA Patch.


  • FIsts-Due to lacking weapons, Mantamobile relies upon his fists for combat.
  • Tentacles: Mantamobile has tantacles protruding from his back to aid him in combat.
    • Car Control: Mantamobile can manipulate and alter cars with his tentacles.
    • Electric Shocks-Mantamobile can electrify his tentacles to do great damage to his enemies.


Armored Mantamobile

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