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Yashiki Bōma (ヤシキボーマ Yashiki Bōma, 8) is a house-theme Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes; it comes to be under Boma Princess Jarmin

Character History

Mansion Boma was sealed in a cave beneath a prominent neighborhood under a certain house on Hibarizaka Hill, with its seal being held by the more powerful "Lakia Nail" preventing its power from being fully used and exploited even with its other seals. However due to its sealing under a house, the house it was sealed beneath became notable as a haunted "death-trap", having been involved in killing or chasing away those who wished to live in the house above it for a long time; including a friend of Yohei Hama 13 years prior to current day who left after her parents were killed within that house. When another family who moves in and whose daughter likewise go to the Turboranger's school moves into the house above the Boma sealing site, it once again tries to chase them away to prevent anyone from living in there; they nearly move as well until Yohei convinces them to stay and for them to solve it.

Ultimately, Jarmin sees the site of the cursed house and goes into the cave beneath the site, using her power to remove the Lakia Nail and revive Mansion Boma once again. After an initial incursion with the Turboranger, she immediately grows the Boma Beast and uses it to fly around to destroy entire neighborhoods with its power. Discovering the Lakia Nail beneath the ground that formerly sealed its power, Blue Turbo and Dr. Dazai develop a larger version of the seal, which they launch using Turbo Jeep to seal off its abilities of flight and causing water disaster and forces it into a fighting position, where it is easily defeated by Turbo Robo.


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Mansion Boma's main ability is a curse associated with it which floods out anyone who lives in the house above where it is sealed, having killed and chased away multiple people while it was sealed near a small cave beneath the surface. After Jarmin makes it grow giant size, it can actually become a giant flying house which can further distribute its curse on a much more massive scale to destroy entire neighborhoods; it also can be used as a living space, as Jarmin does during its rampage.

Behind the Scenes


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