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"Incorrect. You humans never learn. Now, let's have you become cold, hard, and smooth...And far more beautiful than any living human. That is to say, a mannequin. Now, let's make you pretty."
―The Mannequin Jamen's first words face after Sena assumed that a stopwatch Jamenshi must have frozen his victims.[src]

"Correct! And now I'll make a beautiful mannequin out of you, too!"
―The Mannequin Jamen when Juru correctly identified him.[src]

"Whoa, wha, whozza--?! Mistress Yodonna? What brings you out here?"
―The Mannequin Jamen when confronted by Yodonna.[src]

"Mistress Yodonna has given me the power to make even more beautiful mannequins! And you boys are next!"
―The Mannequin Jamen revealing his new power-up to the Kiramagers.[src]

"Is being beautiful a crime?!"
―The Mannequin Jamen's final words before his death.[src]

Mannequin Jamen (マネキン邪面 Manekin Jamen) was a Mannequin-themed silver body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim whose dark energy was used to release Torso Hildon.


Mannequin Jamen was sent to Earth by Carantula to freeze people in place permanently so that their misery would create more dark energy for him to harness. The Kiramagers respond to an alert in Sector S-98 and find a large group of citizens posed and frozen in place and Sena immediately assumes that a Stopwatch Jamenshi must be behind this. However, Mannequin Jamen pops up and freezes her in place posing with one arm out. Juru finally correctly identifies him and the Mannequin Jamen is happy but grabs his arm to make him pose as he wishes too. Fortunately, Takamichi comes jumping in from nowhere and jump kicks the Mannequin Jamen away before they transform. Scared, Mannequin Jamen tries to flee but four Kiramagers cut him off although Tametomo leaves to get Sena to safety. Juru grabs Mannequin Jamen's hand and throws him but he dodges a swing from Shiguru's Kiramai Sword although a follow-up jump kick from Takamichi isn't. Juru then calls for the Kiraful Go Arrow to finish the battle but Muryou has taken it to the CARAT headquarters lab to upgrade it. Seeing his chance, Mannequin Jamen decides to cut his loses and throws a price tag at the Kiramagers which explodes and runs away. By the time that Tametomo gets through the fire, Mannequin Jamen is gone.

Sometime later, Mannequin Jamen peruses a mannequin making factory and bemoans that the "mannequins" he creates are never this beautiful. However, Yodonna then reveals herself to have been posing as a mannequin which initially scares him severely since he thinks her a mannequin come to life but soon recognizes her. She reveals that she has decided to see how being a mannequin feels and that it's terrible before telling him to make humans fully into mannequins. Using her riding crop, Yodonna enhances Mannequin Jamen, allowing him to fully make people into mannequins to gather dark energy more effectively. Mannequin Jamen then attacks sector L-49 and the Kiramagers find a larger group of people fully made into mannequins. Sayo is surprised by this only to be blindsided by Mannequin Jamen and made into a mannequin herself. Mannequin Jamen reveals his new power to the male Kiramagers and sends his platoon of accompanying Bechats on them so they transform and take on the Bechats. Shortly thereafter, Torso Hildon arrives and Tametomo has to leave and fight it in Kiramaizin which reduces the Kiramagers' manpower down to three. Mannequin Jamen tries to turn Juru and Shiguru into mannequins as Bechats restrain them but Takamichi blasts him and his Bechats away Fortunately, as they hide behind a corner, Muryou has finished upgrading the Kiraful Go Arrow and sends it to the Kiramagers with it now being able to summon Mashin Oradin when necessary. Using it, they finally manage to become the Go Kiramagers and obliterate the Bechats just as Mashin Oradin joins the battle above. Shiguru prepares to finish off Mannequin Jamen but he summons mannequin people as human shields which he cowers behind. Unfortunately for the Jamenshi, Takamichi uses his Shiny Breaker's Wonder Rescue to save the people, allowing Shiguru to finish off Mannequin Jamen with the Unstoppable Laser. The Unstoppable Laser impales the Jamen who can only question if being beautiful is wrong before collapsing to his knees and exploding. With Mannequin Jamen's death, all of his victims return to being normal humans.


Mannequin Jamen was a very vain and prideful monster who seemed to be bipolar since he could go from peppy and happy to demented glee. Like the Marshmellow and Glue Jamens before him, he loved to use his powers to affect his enemies and trap them in place. Also, just like the Glue Jamen, he felt that people being stuck in place was beautiful and a form of modern art. Mannequin Jamen was very cowardly since he was terrified when a "mannequin" came to life before recognizing it was Yodonna who he was also deeply loyal to.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability: Mannequin Jamen was shot several times by Takamichi's Shiny Breaker without getting a scratch and having Bechats explode around him had no effect.
  • Stealth: Mannequin Jamen was able to sneak up on someone without them noticing until it was too late.
  • Suspended Animation: Mannequin Jamen could freeze his victims with a single touch of his right hand and make them assume a certain pose by charging blue energy into his left hand and running it along an area of their body he wishes to pose.
    • Mannequin Transmutation: When enhanced by Yodonna, Mannequin Jamen was able to turn his victims into real mannequins with a single touch.
  • Mannequin Summoning: Mannequin Jamen could summon the mannequins he converted to act as living shields with a twirl of his cape.
  • Agility: Mannequin Jamen was able to twirl away from a slash from Shiguru's Kiramai Sword.
  • Super Speed: Mannequin Jamen was able to run so fast that he was gone in three seconds (the amount of time that it took Tametomo to run through his price tag explosion).


  • Fists: Mannequin Jamen had no weapons of his own by default but had his bare hands to use in battle. He was very skilled with them and single touches could freeze people in place indefinitely.
  • Tag Grenades: Mannequin Jamen used shopping tags marked with the Yodonheim symbol that could explode like grenades when thrown.


  • Ineffective Combat Skills-Mannequin Jamen was not a brawler and was very easily overwhelmed in an outright slugfest with the Kiramagers.


  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 168 kg
  • Jamen: Mannequin

Behind the Scenes



  • Mannequin Jamen was: 
    • Along with its Jamen Beast Counterpart, the first mannequin-themed monster in Super Sentai history.
      • He was also the first Silver Body-type Jamenshi to have the same theme as his Jamen Beast counterpart.
    • The first Silver Body Jamenshi to help summon a Hildon Type Jamen Beast.
    • The final Silver Body Jamenshi in the series.
  • Mannequin Jamen's ability to freeze people made him similar to Dora Tortoise from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger and his counterpart Shellshock from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1.
    • Mannequin Jamen's ability made him more similar to Shellshock as both their victims end up completely motionless while Dora Tortoise's victims from his Red Light Beam are only paralyzed in a certain pose and can still talk (though in Mannequin Jamen's case, Sena could still move her eyes).


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