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"Someone say you got something on the fritz? I can fix anything! Broken, bent, blasted, or busted. Just ask anything! I’m the Maniac Mechanic! I’m not just mad. I’m A MANIAC!"
―The Maniac Mechanic's first words upon appearing in the Subcraft.[src]

―The Maniac Mechanic after Ashley stalled his vehicle with Storm Blaster equipped with the Turbine Laser and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

―The Maniac Mechanic when enlarged.[src]

"Why you. I oughta-"
―The Maniac Mechanic reacting to the Artillery Cannons and his final words before his death. Nothing cut him off there, he just decided to stop for no reason.[src]

Maniac Mechanic is a mechanic themed monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "The Turn of the Wretched Wrench."

Character History

Prior to coming to Divatox, the Maniac Mechanic was an actual mechanic for hire. He claimed he could "build or fix anything." The Maniac Mechanic first appeared once Elgar discovered his name in a phone book after he broke the Subcraft 's periscope. He quickly repaired the periscope but was hired to create a battle wagon for Divatox although he needed his Wretched Wrench. Elgar attacked Ashley with some Piranhatrons and stole some supplies before retreating. The next day, he had all of the parts he needed but still required a workspace so Divatox chose the car shop in Angel Grove High. He teleported to Earth and disguised himself as Manny, a classmate in Ashley's shop class, and then stole her new wrench and made into his own weapon, the Wretched Wrench. Sometime between then and the end of period 6, he completed a lot of the Battle Wagon. The Piranhatrons kept Ashley and Carlos busy when they came to work on her car whilst he finished the Wagon.

When the thugs were beaten, he reverted back to his true form and they morphed although that gave him enough time to speed off in the Wagon with a Chromite driving and him playing defence. Ashley gave chase in her Turbo Cart but the Mechanic used his Wretched Wrench to first spray them with smoke and then to blast them with cannons. Storm Blaster showed up and a chase ensued until they reached the quarry. Along fight scene broke out with Lightning Cruiser being shot down and nearly getting ruined by the Wagon. Ultimately, the Maniac used the Wretched Wrench to remove the tires of her Cart and mocked her but fled when Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster showed up. LC raced them and he Riding on the back of the Battle Wagon that he built, he used the wrench to create a buzz saw launcher which took out the engine of Storm Blaster with Justin, Ashley and Carlos were on it. Lightning Cruiser took flight but was shot down by an RPG and, although they got the vehicle running quickly, were chased around the quarry before another blast threw them out and disabled the Legendary Vehicle. After Storm Blaster was eventually fixed, Ashley saved the others  from being obliterated and jumped onto the Wagon. She was losing hold of the Wretched Wrench but turned the odds by hitting him with a Star Charger and back flipping off of the vehicle. It drew close but she was able to take down the Maniac Mechanic by destroying the Battle Wagon using the Auto Blast Defender, and at that point Ashley's wrench was returned to normal. The torpedoes were then fired to make the Maniac giant and Ashley summoned the Rescuezords. The monster tried to use wrenches on the Rescue Megazord but had them used against him instead by turning his ears and getting punched down. The Rangers summoned the Artillery Cannons which did not scare the monster but it's finishing barrage obliterated him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Turn of the Wretched Wrench


Maniac Mechanic was a cunning, crazy (as his name applies), dimwitted, and manipulative monster, who will not stop to destroy the Power Rangers with his plan. He was very intelligent and skilled in mechanics and cars. He was shown to be as a highly cunning, calculating and manipulative, with his plan to destroy Ashley by giving her his car and then challenging her and cheating in their race,as well as stealing her lucky key. But he is also loyal to Divatox.

Powers and Abilities


  • Things Transforming: He could transform things, such as he turned Ashley's key into a magic staff.


  • Intelligence: Mechanic was a highly intelligent and skilled with mechanics and cars. He could create cars and could drive the car masterfully.


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Behind the Scenes


  • Mechanic is voiced by William Butler.
  • The human actor for Maniac Mechanic is unknown.


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  • Maniac Mechanic was the third monster not to originally belong to Divatox's army. The first was Griller , the second was Clockster (since she didn't know who he was), the next one will  be Count Nocturne and the final one will be Goldgoyle.
  • The Maniac Mechanic's ears give him a slightly similar appearance to the iconic character Shrek from the Dreamworks film franchise of the same name.
    • This is entirely coincidental as Carranger came out in 1996, Turbo came out in 1997, and Shrek came out in 2001.
  • The Maniac Mechanic was the second and final monster to fight alongside the Chromites, the first being Crosspatch 


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