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"Inky inking..... Authored Splash! What a work of art! Time to manga up and keep drawing!"
―Manga World's first words[src]

"Serialization discontinued!"
―Manga World's final words before his death[src]

Manga World (マンガワルド Manga Warudo, 28) is a manga-based World from the Tojitendo who was created from the Manga Tojiru Gear that contained Mangatopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a Kudaitest into Great Manga World.

Character History

Manga World was a Kudakk that the generals of Tojitendo gave the Tojiru Gear that contained the parallel world of the Mangatopia, and it was transformed into a World that is sent to attack the world of the Zenkaigers.

His attack consisted of converting people and objects into manga pages to create the perfect manga for himself and manages to convert Juran, Magine, and the twin brothers Ricky and Cutanner into manga.

The Zenkaigers set a trap to lure him but they failed and Zenkaizer ends up turned into a manga, but when Manga World was going to turn the rest of them into manga, Zocks uses Mangatopia's treasure to distract him and thus defeats the world releasing his Tojiru Gear.


Manga World is a manga fan who wants to make the best and perfect manga in the world. Although his desire for a good manga leads him into a trap, he is able to recognize the trap and counterattack.



The original form of the World.


When the Kudakk was installed with a Tojiru Gear, it briefly transformed into a Kudaiter before becoming a World.

―Transformation announcement[src]

Manga World

  • World: Mangatopia (マンガトピア Mangatopia)

By using the Manga Tojiru Gear, he changes into Manga World (マンガワルド Manga Warudo).

Powers and Abilities


  • World Creation: Upon the creation of the World Monster, Manga World can alter the world to his own image.
  • Dead Manuscript Bomb Duck (没原稿爆弾ダック Botsu Genkō Bakudan Dakku): Manga World could fire explosives in the shape of speech bubbles.


  • Kudakk Summoning: Manga World was able to summon Kudakks to aid him in battle.


  • Manga Addiction: Manga World himself was a dedicated Manga reader, and as such was easily distracted by Zocks's Mangatopia story pages despite knowing it was a trap.


  • Idea Staff: He wields a speech bubble style staff for combat.
    • Manga Gathering: He is able to gather the manga papers to form a manga magazine.
  • Inkwell Gauntlet: He wields a inkwell style gauntlet for combat.
  • Pen Gauntlet: He wields a pen style gauntlet for combat.
    • Writing Splash (執筆スプラッシュ Shippitsu Supurasshu): He is able to turn his victims into manga papers.

Behind the Scenes


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Manga World was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara.[2]


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