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""HA HA HA HA HA! The real Master Org died 3000 years ago and is NEVER COMING BACK!" "Which makes me, Mandilok, the most powerful Org of all!"
"I'm the greatest org. I bow to no one!"
―Mandilok refusing to bow to the real Master Org and his final Words before his death[src]
""Nexus Blade-" "Evil Slash!""
―Mandilock calling upon the Nexus Blade's finisher and his final words before his final death. This was said in two parts, by his upper mouth and then his second.[src]

Mandilok's first words when confronting the false Master Org alongside Toxica and Jindrax. Mandilok has two voices so two different quotes are used with the female voice going first.|The Master's Last Stand}} Mandilok was an Org General, and leader of the three Org Generals. Mandilok was themed on the mouth (and name a pun on mandible), having dozens of them all over his body. Mandilok had both male and female voices, and an appetite that could not be satisfied (similar to Pudgy Pig, Ravenator and the later Grinataur).

Character History

Jindrax was revived by Jindrax and Toxica, who had fled from Viktor Adler (who had been disguising himself as Master Org) and had been searching for an ally. He then confronted Adler who had recently lost his powers and threw him off a cliff which apparently killed him (but also reawakened the real Master Org that Adler possessed inside).

Mandilok then accompanied Jindrax and Toxica back to the Nexus and assumed command over the Org forces where he even freed Artilla & Helicos. Jindrax and Toxica soon found that importance had diminished with Mandilok around and they were reduced to mere servants while Mandilok delighted in treating Duke Orgs like dirt. Homecoming

During his time in charge Mandilok managed to turn Animus against the Rangers which resulted in their Wild Zords being taken away however he was unable to follow through on this and the Rangers later got their Zords back.

Mandilok was furious that he had been so close to victory only to lose, and laid the blame directly on Jindrax and Toxica rather than himself. When another Duke Org named Onikage arrived, Mandilok threw his full support behind the newcomer and was pleased when he took the initiative and kidnapped Princess Shayla. However it soon emerged that Onikage was actually working for Master Org who had been in hiding planning his return. After Master Org's sudden appearance, Mandilok was outraged that Adler had survived and continued to mock Orgs with another fake horn. However, after attempting to severe Adler's horn, Mandilok's disgust soon turned to shock when it's clear that the horn is real and that Master Org had indeed returned. Mandilok refused to bow to Master Org, only for Master Org to exact revenge for Adler's death by hitting him with a single but powerful hand blast which destroyed him.The Master's Herald

Mandilok was soon revived by Master Org to guard the Nexus during the Org Heart ceremony. Mandilok, who was now completely loyal to Master Org, fought the Rangers alongside Retinax and Nayzor. Along with the other two General Orgs he was destroyed when the Rangers used the Jungle Blaster's Savage Blast to overcome the Nexus Blade's Evil Slash and blast the three Orgs. Although Mandilok was gone, some elements of his body (most notably the mouth on his chest) reappeared as part of Master Org's ultimate body. Sealing the Nexus

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: In the episode "Homecoming," Mandilok was strong enough to block Cole's Crystal Saber and Merrick's Lunar Cue with his bare hands as well as throw Dr Victor Adler off of a cliff with ease.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Mandilok was able to match Merrick in hand to hand combat with ease.
  • Fire Breath: Mandilok can fire a massive wave of fire from his stomach-mouth in a fashion strangely similar to Locomotive Org.
  • Tractor Beam: As shown in the episode "Homecoming," Mandilok can fire light blue lightning from his hands that can wrap around a Ranger and throw them around which he did to Cole.
  • Energy Orbs: Mandilok can charge up his hand with orange energy and fire two orange energy balls from the palm. These could have supposedly killed off Princess Shayla and Kite but Merrick deflected them with his Lunar Cue.


  • Knife and Fork Staff: Similar to Pudgy Pig, Mandilok used a giant fork and knife as weapons and they appear as a fused staff like weapon. These were used in the formation of the Nexus Blade.


Mandilok's upper, main face has a "female-sounding" voice, voiced by Barbara Goodson (who also voiced characters such as Rita Repulsa, Orbus, Prince Sprocket and Somnibot). The lower face with a "male sounding" voice is voiced by Ezra Weisz (who also voiced characters such as Leaky Faucet). The male head is the one to speak the most often.


  • Mandilok is both Ezra Weisz and Barbara Goodson's final role in the franchise since they either left or was laid off when Disney bought out Power Rangers.
  • Surprisingly, Highness Duke Org Rasetsu's bigender nature was actually kept in Wild Force.
  • Mandilok is the only one of the three main General Orgs never to grow to giant size (though Necronomica, Toxica's General form, also never grows to giant size).


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