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Mamoru Koyama (小山 守 Koyama Mamoru) is one of the newest mechanics that were recruited by the Energy Management Center as part of CB-01's maintenance team, which consists of around fifty individuals. He is eager to help the Go-Busters and has a lot of potential. But being a rookie, he is still a bit jumpy around the hangars, which causes Hiromu Sakurada to doubt if he could make it. Cheeda Nick, however, recognizes his potential, having been on the receiving end of his care. Koyama even has a log of all his maintenance reports, with an optimistic personal message and shoutout to the CB-01 and Go-Busters every log.

One incident however, occurred wherein rushing to his managing officer, Chief Takaishi, he forgets to check one component of CB-01's Enetron tank, which causes CB-01 to have an Enetron overload and fry its circuits. Being called to the base by Takeshi Kuroki and the staff, Koyama asks to be fired. However, Hiromu is dismissive of him and says if he can't cut it, he should quit himself.

Koyama however, decides to stay on and takes on the repairs for the fried

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