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"I, Daikaan Mamoritsuyoindaver, will defend my Moraimars!"

Mamoritsuyoindaver (マモリツヨインダベー Mamoritsuyoindabē) was one of the many Daikaan promoted Tsuyoindavers of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who ruled on Earth.

Character History

His Moraimars was located relatively close in Japan to those of Megatsuyoindaver, Meshiubaindaver, Metchatsuyoindaver, Mutchatsuyoindaver. As such, they were targeted in the offensive Operation Stardust by Shou Ronpo. Mamoritsuyoindaver's was the first to be attacked by the Kyurangers, enlarging to protect his Moraimars alongside a flight of Moaiders against the nine KyurenOh Voyagers. He and his Moraimars, however, were ultimately destroyed by the Voyagers of Shishi Red and Kajiki Yellow. Space.8: Secret of Commander Shou Ronpo


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Powers and Abilities


  • Bazoocone (バズーコン Bazūkon): Mamoritsuyoindaver's primary weapon which can shoot fireballs.
  • Guard Mask (マモリマスク Mamori Masuku): The mask which make Mamoritsuyoindaver tough.

Behind the Scenes



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