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Character History

Mamorigami (マモリガミ, Mamorigami, 35): Created from an old good luck charm (omamori) and a new computer, this final Tsukumogami was intended to pass as one of the three "The God's Head" red herrings in an exchange operation by Dark Shadow. In one of the three exchange sites, a laboratory in which Souta and Sakura were to recover the Precious before the exchange, Mamorigami entered the security control program and sistematically attacked Souta and Sakura. After being defeated and enlarged, Mamorigami tried to infiltrate GoGo Voyager systems using his Super Omamori Flash, a magnetic attack. However, he is ultimately destroyed by the Adventure Double Screw of DaiVoyager.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • This tsukumogami uses the protective wish of the omamori and transforms it into a program that enables the Super Omamori Flash. Even though Mamorigami can access systems and control them, he is not as powerful as "The God's Head", who can create programs from zero.


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Behind the Scenes

  • "O-mamori" (お守り, "O-mamori") means "good luck charm" or "amulet" in Japanese. The whole word Mamorigami (守神, Mamorigami) means "guardian god".
  • He is based on Chouriki Sentai Ohranger's King Pyramider Battle Formation.

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