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Mammoth Mask

Mammoth Mask.

Mammoth Mask (マンモス仮面 Manmosu Kamen) is the twenty-fourth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Mammoth Mask's primary task was to send out a signal using a jamming device to jam up frequencies, initially demonstrating his power by throwing off TV signals around Tokyo Tower. His main concept was for the search of the Gorengers' secret base, in order to jam signals and disrupt machinery and the vehicles. In order to get close, Mammoth Mask attacks a Gorenger base and kills Kurokawa, an EAGLE friend of Daita's, so he could take his guise and use the Kirenger's trust to gain access to the base. Placing himself into a cell near Daita, he used him to break him out of the base and back into civilization and then alarmed him that there was some information he needed from the Gorenger base in order to make Daita take him there.

However after discovering the death of Kurokawa and realizing that Daita was being tricked, Tsuyoshi decided to intervene by leading Mammoth Mask and the Zolder Ninja Team to a fake Gorenger base which they tried to invade without realizing that they had been lured to the wrong location. Cornered, the Gorenger attack them with Kirenger giving the most of his anger to defeat Mammoth Mask with the help of the other Gorenger in combat. The team ultimately use Gorenger Hurricane to become a snow-making machine to cool down Mammoth Mask, who ultimately sneezes himself to an explosion. Ep. 78: Black Jamming!! A Primeval Roar


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Modus and Arsenal

Mammoth Mask possesses massive strength such as that of a mammoth, allowing him to plow through stronger opponents like Daita with ease. He also has a sickle with a mammoth tusk at the end of his staff, "Mammoth Tusks" three-pointed stars for projectiles, and a human disguise.



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Behind the Scenes

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