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" Millions of my eggs have been buried beneath the streets of Angel Grove. Hahahaha! They will hatch and destroy the city very soon."
―Mamamite's first words to an impatient Astronema about her eggs hatching soon.[src]

"This is fantastic! Now I can finish off all the Rangers at one time. Ah hahahah!"
―Mamamite's last words before her destruction.[src]

Mamamite was a termite monster and Termitus' Mother.


Ecliptor was sent by Astronema to bring Mamamite to Earth. She buried a million of her eggs beneath Angel Grove and Mamamite took her small drill hand to speed things up and woke up the eggs. The combined blasts of the Quadro Blaster and Spiral Saber Booster Mode destroyed Mamamite. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Grandma Matchmaker


Mamamite was a very confident monster, believing she could easily destroy the Power Rangers. Mamamite would do anything in her power to destroy the rangers. Despite this, she seemed to have cared about her eggs.

Powers and Abilities


Fire Blasts: Mamamite could shoot powerful fire blasts that could badly hurt people.

Egg Laying: Mamamite could lay millions of eggs and store them underground underneath the streets of Angel Grove.

Speed Drill: Mamamite had a drill that could speed up the process of things, specifically, her eggs, which were sped up to hatch by waking them up.


Presumed Strength: Although Mamamite was never shown to be strong, when Ecliptor suggested they get a very powerful monster to fight the rangers new Megazord, Astronema ordered Ecliptor to hire Mamamite.


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  • Drill Arm: The abdomen-like drill on Mamamite's left arm was used for burrowing.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Mamamite is the first monster of the day to have a child. The second was Whirnado from "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" who laid an egg that hatched into Whiricane.
  • The battle against Mamamite was slightly different from her Sentai counterpart. This is due to the fact in Megaranger, MegaSilver (Yuusaku Hayakawa) had already been introduced, unlike Zhane who had not. As a result Ashley was included in the battle where her Megaranger counterpart Chisato Jougasaki (MegaYellow) was not. While the Spiral Saber Booster Mode and Quadro Blaster where used to finish off Mamamite in the Power Ranger adaption, in the Megaranger version, the team attack from the five Megaranger defeated Termite Nezire instead.
  • Her Sentai counterpart and her son had the same name just different genders.
  • Mamamite's left arm weapon was later combined with Termitus for appearances in Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's army and the Machine Empire's army in "Countdown to Destruction" and appearances at the Onyx Tavern in "Heir to the Throne" and "Protect the Quasar Saber".


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