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Mama D

"Remove the leader. The rest will fall like dominoes."
―Mama D[src]

Mama D is the Space Pirate mother of Divatox and General Havoc, and grandmother of Elgar.

Character History

She, in a holographic transmission, considered Divatox the worst of their clan during Divatox's sleep. When asked for motherly advice from Divatox in her sleep, Mama D told her that the Power Rangers would fall if Divatox could "remove the leader" (in this case, Tommy). When Divatox's Piranhatrons captured Tommy, Divatox had him hanging from the ceiling as Mama D arrived and suggested she torture Tommy with the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow (to which she had banished the patriarch of the pirate clan and her husband), and threaten to drop him inside it. However, T.J. Johnson rescued Tommy while the others fought and defeated Flamite. While in her bed later that night, Divatox is told by Mama D that Tommy survived and that Divatox always messes up in her family of Space Pirates.


Mama D clearly sees people as inferior, she is a strict mother who seems to discipline her daughter and presumably other children greatly. She is not proud of her daughter for her lack of effort, her spoiled nature and her egotistical personality. She wants her daughter to be a miniature version of her, a powerful and controlling lady boss who will fight her enemies or even romantic partners to get to the top. Mama D was married to her children’s father at some point, but she later tossed him into the Vortex of eternal doom and sorrow where he would always remain, alive but under horrible torture that cannot be imagined. This could suggest Mama D either did this as a way of stopping him from trying to use her power; did this so she could take his or just simply had anger issues and did this as a punishment after a very bad argument between the two.


Powers and Abilities


Holographic image- She can make her image appear anywhere while being somewhere else in real life. She can speak with this hologram, move and use her own powers.

Presumed strength- Mama D is likely very strong

Behind the Scenes



  • Mama D's real name is unknown. Whether her name actually starts with a D or if Divatox refers to her as such because she raised her is unknown.
  • She has live snakes as hair, like Medusa, the Gorgon of Greek mythology.
  • It is unknown how the Z-wave would have affected her, as she presumably would have been part of the battle, as she is so powerful. But she was not seen in From Out of Nowhere at the conference on Onyx, but she either avoided the energy wave, or got destroyed by it.


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