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Maligore, known as The Great Flame of Destruction, was an all-powerful evil being and fiance of Divatox who the Turbo Rangers defeated before they could wed.



Maligore was an ancient, lava demon entombed on the Island of Muiranthias thousands of years ago by the ancestors of the alien wizard Lerigot. Divatox wanted to resurrect Maligore, then wed him so they could control the universe together. His temple is guarded by the indigenous people of Muranthias called the Malykians.


In 1997, the space pirate Divatox decides to resurrect Maligore and marry him so that they can control the universe together. To accomplish this, she kidnaps Lerigot as she needs his wand to free Maligore since he is descended from those who sealed the fire demon.However, she comes into conflict with the Zeo Rangers when Lerigot comes to them for help and they become the Turbo Rangers to combat her. After a long journey, Divatox reaches the volcano sacrifices Kimberly Hart and Jason Scott to Maligore's pit of flames. They both return as evil beings but then Lerigot frees them from the evil. Divatox sacrifices Elgar and her pet eel to give more power to Maligore. An enraged Maligore awakens and rises from the lava. After pummelling the Turbo Rangers, even shrugging off energy blasts from thier Turbo Weapons, his volcano starts erupting so they are all forced to exit the volcano. After going outside, Maligore enlarges himself in a feral rage so the Turbo Rangers form the Turbo Megazord. Though Maligore is clearly the stronger combatant, the Megazord manages to knock the demon off a cliff and into the sea with a single strike of it's Turbo Saber helped by the Megazord's thrusters. Contact with the water proves fatal, instantly obliterating Maligore and ruining Divatox's plan. Tvicon TV STORY-Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie


Maligore's death leads Divatox on a campaign of revenge, rallying her army shortly after her fiance's death and launching an invasion on Earth. This eventually leads to the destruction of the Power Chamber and the events of Power Rangers in Space. Tvicon TV STORY-Shift Into Turbo

The Grand Monarch of Evil, Dark Specter, looked exactly like Maligore, but had the ability to speak and was far more powerful. Their similarity was even commented upon by Divatox, saying "You remind me so much of my fiancé". Tvicon TV STORY-From Out of Nowhere


Maligore was a violent and mindless monster incapable of speaking aside from snarls.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Maligore is possibly the strongest enemy the Rangers had ever faced by that point, taking on and taking down all five Rangers and easily overwhelming the Turbo Megazord.
  • Durability: Maligore proved completely immune to blasts from the Turbo Weapons and, when giant, shrugged off multiple punches from the Turbo Megazord like they were nothing.
  • Self Enlargement: Unlike all the other monsters in Turbo, Maligore can make himself grow by making flames explode from within him.
  • Flame Projection: Maligore can fire flames out of his class capable of causing severe damage to the Turbo Megazord.


  • Corruption: Maligore was able to turn Jason and Kimberly evil although it is unclear whether he can do this outside of his lava pit as well.


  • Water: Maligore died instantly upon contact with the sea.


  • Claws: Maligore has massive, razor sharp brown claws that he can use to hack and slash his enemies.





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Behind the Scenes


  • Maligore was performed by Mike Deak with stock snarls being used for his lines.


  • Maligore's costume was created by Chiodo Bros. Productions Inc. It would later be used for Dark Specter in Power Rangers in Space. This costume's reuse would be lamp-shaded in "From Out of Nowhere, Part 1", where Divatox mentions how much Dark Specter reminds her of her fiancé. Aside from this, any further connection between Maligore and Dark Specter was never elaborated upon, other than both of them employing the use of lava to control those under their thrall. Comicicon COMIC STORY- PRU 2 Movieicon MOVIE STORY-Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie


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  • Maligore is the first enemy/monster in Power Rangers Turbo to grow through means other than the torpedoes.
  • While Divatox did commit to matrimony with him, it is worth noting that she did openly cringe when she saw him.
  • It's implied Maligore knew Divatox prior, since she stated he hasn't changed a bit; though her tone implies Maligore used to look less ugly.


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