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"HU HU HU HU HU HU! It would only be polite to introduce ourselves. Makuin of the Blob, at your service. We're the venerable leaders of the Yuumajuu!"
―Makuin of the Blob's first words when he and Kinggon confronted the Goseigers when they confronted Tomarezu.[src]

"Curse you all!"
―Makuin of the Blob's final words before his death[src]

Makuin of the Blob (ブロブの膜(マク)イン Burobu no Makuin) is the leader of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu, wishing to reform the world in his image for his kind to flourish in and taking delight in human suffering.


Ages ago, Makuin and Kinggon waged war on the Gosei Angels until they were sealed in the Erurei Box by the Gosei Angel that became Brajira of the Messiah. In present day, the final actions of Dereputa of the Meteor unearthed the Erurei Box as Brajira released Makuin and Kinggon to wreck havoc. As Makuin told Kinggon, the pollution that modern day humans made has gave the two a power boost as they and Tomarezu of the Tsuchinoko overpowered the Goseigers until Gosei Knight's arrival forced the two Yuumajuu to fall back before meeting Brajira in his Buredoran of the Chupacabra guise.

After the failure of 6 schemes and imprisoning Buredoran for going behind his back and indirectly causing the Goseigers to gain their Super Mode from the Abare Headder, he decides to deal with this predicament with a new scheme. Sending Sarawareteiru of the Fairy to Moune disguised as her mother, he intends to lure her into a trap disguised as the portal back home. Makuin personally fights the other Goseigers to keep up the charade, but is forced to retreat when both Gosei Yellow and Gosei Knight foil the deception and destroy her.

He ends up being used by Buredoran, who intends to split up and later reseal him and Kinggon along with the Goseigers. He doesn't listen to his proposal to replace Kinggon at first and instead let's his old friend, Pikarime of the Shakōkidogū, help him in a new scheme. He changes his mind when Pikarime is killed and Buredoran saves him from the Miracle Gosei Dynamic. However, he secretly found out, and after he reconciles with Kinggon, ends up playing him and leading him to his supposed death at the hands of Ground Gosei Great.

While starting phase one of their final plan, Makuin tests the Erurei Box's true power on Elmgaim of the Baku. While he failed, the two leaders plan to spread Makuin's mold all over the city. After they are confronted by the Goseigers, they end up gaining the upper hand until Gosei Knight temporarily freezes the mold. After his Yumma Buster formation is disabled for good, he is enlarged by the Bibi Bugs and overpowers Gosei Great, where after a failed attempt to trick them into thinking humanity is iredeemable (with help from Nozomu Amachi), is weakened by Mystic Gosei Great and apparently destroyed by Ground Gosei Great.

However, that was only the first phase, as in phase 2, Makuin intends for his apparent demise to absorb the full brunt of Super Gosei Power before his remains are transferred into the Erurei Box to regenerate and create the Yuuma Hole (幽魔ホール Yūma Hōru) to destroy the Earth. After Kinggon enlarges the box with the Bibi Bugs and placed on top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Makuin begins the final phase of their plan: absorbing the entire Earth until it's nothing but a giant Makuin. But the Goseigers travel inside and after overcoming his illusions they reach his core in the Yuuma Hole. But Makuin tires one last chance at killing them by wrapping his tentacles around them. They break free from it to become Super Goseigers and then they use the Miracle Gosei Dynamic to destroy him forever.

Despite his death, the Goseigers were still stuck inside the Eurei Box as the inside fades out and would've been trapped there if not for Master Head's sacrifice to bring them Tensou Henkei Gosei Ultimate. Makuin's death shocks and angers Kinggon, who grows himself in an attempt to avenge him, to no avail. His spirit later appears to Brajira along Kinggon, futiley trying to attack him before being cast away.


Being born of and powered by the Earth's pollution, Makuin relishes in subjecting the human population to a rule under his Yuumajuu kind. Despite leading the Yuumajuu, he shows great respect and care towards his kind, treating both Kinggon and their monsters like equals more than servants. The only member he has no problem mistreating is Buredoran, who acts on his own to the point of recklessness and ends up manipulating and turning on him. He is not only friends with his right hand Kinggon, but also Pikarime. He is also smart, as he was able to discover Buredoran's treachery and successfully takes action against him before he can betray him as well as makes sure to test and perfect his final plan. He once tried to break the Goseigers by reminding them of all of the humans negativity but to no avail.


Makuin can use his Dorodorod (泥ドロッド Dorodoroddo) cane to perform spells, shoot energy blasts/lightning, manipulate his body, and can transform the Dorodorod into batons for close combat. He can convert himself into the Yuuma Buster (幽魔バスター Yūma Basutā) for Kinggon to use in their Yuuma Dynamic (幽魔ダイナミック Yūma Dainamikku) attack and says "Shimmering Yuumatick Power!" (ゆらめきの幽魔チックパワー! Yurameki no Yūmachikku Pawā!), where Makuin turn himself into cannon by positioning himself backward with his mandibles pointed forward and spread his arms while holding on to his Dorodorod(baton mode), he shoots a powerful energy orb from his mandible that easily took down the Goseigers.


He can morph his body into a toxic slime to phase through attacks and attack opponents at high speed. He can shoot out toxic slime projectiles from his hands to poison or melt anything/anyone. He can multiply himself into smaller clones, shoot out energy blasts from his mandible on top of his head, can also shoot them at the sky and rain down them like meteors. Being to use magic he can use his toxic slime for spells.


  • Height:170 cm (42.5 m:Giant)
  • Weight:186 kg (465 t:Giant).
  • Movie Reference: His name is derived from The Blob (マックイーンの絶対の危機 Makkuīn no Zettai no Kiki, "McQueen's Absolute Crisis") and his name uses the kanji "membrane" ( Maku), referring to Makuin's body. He is modeled after an earthworm.
  • He is voiced by Chafurin (茶風林 Chafūrin), who voiced Barreled Scholar Bucrates in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. His suit actor was Masaru Ōbayashi (大林 勝 Ōbayashi Masaru).
  • Like all other villains, the English romanisation of Makuin's name is different than the subtitles. As seen in the quote at the top of the page, his actual name spelling was Mq-Quen and is simply spelled Makuin.
  • Unlike Kinggon, who reappeared in subsequent appearances, Makuin has never appeared outside the Goseiger series.

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