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Character History

As a child, she used to play Karuta with Sena Hayami often. She even made a pun with one of the hundred verses of Karuta (Se wo hayami) and her friend's name (Sena Hayami). That is until her own jealousy of Sena drew them apart and caused her to become bitter and behave rudely to her former friend.

Years later, they were reunited when she saw Sena during a jog with Juru and Tametomo, right before the attack of Hyakunin Isshu Jamen. Her abilities with the game caused the Kiramagers (and Mabushina) to choose her to become their mentor in order to beat the Jamenshi.

After the Jamenshi was beaten, Sena and Makino reconciled over another verse of Karuta (Those Who were parted by the river’s waters reunite in the end), which just gained a new meaning to them.


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Behind the Scenes

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