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Making Bad is the twenty-second episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and the thirty-sixth episode overall. It is the second of a three-episode crossover between Beast Morphers and Dino Charge, continuing the narrative established from the previous episode. This episode features the final defeat of Sledge and Sledge's Crew (with the exception of Snide) and the revival of Goldar.


Evox decides to add a new villain to his team and commands his minions to find the evilest villain of all time.


With both the Reanimizer and the relics of former villains at their disposal, Evox wants to create an army for the next stage of his plan. However, Scrozzle believes that none of the monsters they have resurrected are anything special, upsetting Sledge and his crew, and reveals that he found a way to make the resurrected monsters stronger than before by using gemstones. Scrozzle already has his newest Robotron Thieftron stealing diamonds, showing the first heist to the awe of Poisandra and Curio, and says he has enough right now to make one clone. In addition, Scrozzle has access of old Ranger files to search for possible candidates for revival, and pitches Koragg the Knight Wolf as his candidate, showing everybody footage of the latter decimating the Mystic Force Rangers. However, Robo-Roxy vetoes that idea, reminding Scrozzle that Koragg reformed back into Leanbow and joined the Mystic Force Rangers as the Red Wolf Warrior, showing the exact footage as proof. After seeing the footage, Evox warns everybody to be careful of who they choose, or else they will answer to him.

At the Riptide Gym, the Rangers relax at the bar until they see Muriel Reeves reporting on another diamond store theft, the third one this week according to her. In addition, Muriel reports that eyewitnesses saw nobody when the diamonds were stolen, leaving her to ask if the robber was invisible. Ravi wonders if Evox is behind the robberies as they are being hit by alphabetical order, but Nate is skeptical about that. However, Ravi knows that the next diamond store on the list is Diamonds of Distinction, and goes out to stake out the area, bringing Devon and Zoey with him.

Back at the Crystal Dimension, Robo-Roxy wants to revive someone clever, cruel, and not afraid to get their hands dirty before finding Astronema’s gauntlet. This excites Robo-Roxy as Astronema fits the description she was looking for, and they look at footage of the Princess of Evil battling Andros onboard the Dark Fortress. While everybody is impressed by her, Robo-Blaze, recalling back to the classes from Ranger History, reminds Robo-Roxy that Astronema reformed back to Karone, and would later join the Galaxy Rangers as the second Pink Ranger. After seeing the footage of Karone doing just that, along with fighting against Villamax and Trakeena, a disgusted Robo-Roxy drops Astronema’s gauntlet. Scrozzle suggests that instead of reviving a villain who turned good, they go straight for the baddest villain of them all, Lord Zedd. Scrozzle shows them footage of Lord Zedd’s reign of terror and his fight against Tommy on the Moon Palace, but Robo-Roxy brings up the concern that Zedd could betray Evox in a heartbeat, showing how the former decimated the Machine Empire with a bomb present. That horrifies Scrozzle enough to change his mind, but when Sledge voices his agreement, Poisandra points out how Zedd was a better husband towards Rita than her own husband, leading to the couple arguing.

Meanwhile, the Rangers are outside Diamonds of Distinction, waiting for the invisible thief to make its appearance. Suddenly the doors open with nobody seen, proving Ravi’s theory to be true, and Zoey sees that it's Thieftron through the binocular’s infrared. The Rangers confront Thieftron, with Ravi shorting out the Robotron’s invisibility with a well-aimed blast. Thieftron tries to run away with the diamonds, but Devon catches up to him thanks to his Cheetah Speed, taking the diamonds away. Thieftron decides to challenge the Rangers, knowing he risks destruction for failing his mission, and the trio morphs before activating Beast-X Mode. They fight against Thieftron, but when the Robotron realizes he is out of his depth, he tries to flee. Unfortunately for him, Zoey kicks Thieftron down, and Ravi throws a giant pipe at him. Lastly, Devon summons the Beast-X King Ultra Bow and destroys Thieftron with the Beast-X King Power Bolt. Although they stopped Evox from collecting any more diamonds, Ravi wonders what he was planning to do with them.

Back at Grid Battleforce, the trio returns to Nate’s lab, with the latter apologizing to Ravi for not believing his claims earlier. While they do not know why Thieftron was stealing diamonds, they know they need to stop Evox from collecting anymore. Ravi says that the last diamond wholesale store in Coral Harbor is Elite Diamonds and decides that the Rangers will guard the area.

Back at the Crystal Dimension, Poisandra and Sledge continue to bicker, but Scrozzle has bigger concerns as he just found out Thieftron was destroyed by the Rangers. Hearing that Elite Diamonds was the biggest supplier of diamonds, Poisandra and Curio take Scrozzle’s tablet without his knowledge and suggest that he summon a Gigadrone as retribution for Thieftron’s death before taking off. While Scrozzle does that, Robo-Blaze makes his pitch on who to revive, suggesting that they revive Psycho Red of the Psycho Rangers through his Data Card. They review footage of Psycho Red attacking the Space Rangers, especially Andros, but while Robo-Blaze deems him the perfect candidate, Robo-Roxy is not sure. She recalls that Psycho Red’s obsession over Andros led to the Psycho Rangers' destruction as footage of the evil Power Rangers being destroyed by both the Space Rangers and Galaxy Rangers is shown.

Back on Earth, Commander Shaw gets a warning about the Gigadrone’s arrival and tells the Rangers who are at Elite Diamonds. Nate and Steel head out to deal with the Gigadrone, taking the Wrecker and Jet Zords to Thiefdrone’s location, forming the Striker Megazord. They try firing at Thiefdrone, but the Gigadrone dodges their blasts before stealing the Megazord’s weapons. With the Striker Megazord’s weapons, Theirfdrone overpowers Nate and Steel, forcing the former to summon the Beast-X King Zord. The Beast-X King Zord manages to make Thiefdrone drop the Striker Megazord’s weapons, and once Nate and Steel reclaim them, they use the Striker Hyper Blast to destroy the Gigadrone.

Meanwhile, Poisandra and Curio make it to Elite Diamonds, but they are confronted by the Rangers. Suddenly, Fury and Wrench teleport in as the former had a feeling Poisandra would go off on her own, and the four generals attack the Rangers. They fight back, but even in Beast-X Mode, the Rangers are pushed back by the generals might. After depowering from Beast-X Mode, Nate and Steel arrive after destroying Thiefdrone, and all five Rangers manage to turn the tide. Once they corner the generals, the Rangers summon their Blasters and destroy them once again. However, Zoey brings up that they still do not know why Evox needed the diamonds.

In the Crystal Dimension, Sledge mourns Poisandra’s death as Scrozzle and the Robo-Generals try to comfort him, only for Evox to arrive. Since he knew they would fail in deciding a monster to revive, Evox went out of his way to pick his own candidate and believes that Goldar is the perfect one. After seeing footage of Goldar overpower the Mighty Morphin Rangers in the Megazord, the other villains are quick to agree with Evox. Scrozzle loads the diamonds into the Reanimizer and points it at Goldar’s sword, reviving the latter into Goldar Maximus. Goldar Maximus swears loyalty towards Evox for reviving him, but when Sledge expresses doubt in the former’s abilities, calling him an antique, Goldar Maximus responds by kicking the bounty hunter across the room. Then, per Evox's orders, Goldar Maximus destroys Sledge.

Back at Grid Battleforce, the Rangers still wonder why Evox wanted the diamonds, but both Ravi and Nate believe he could have wanted them to make his revived army of monsters stronger. However, Devon questions if Evox wanted the diamonds in the first place, recalling that Poisandra had a thing for expensive diamonds and could have wanted them all to herself. The rest of the Rangers agree with Devon as he gets ready to practice for his upcoming video game tournament, asking who wants to get their butt kicked. Steel steps up and warns Devon his butt is metal, and he might hurt his foot, The others laugh at Steel's literal-minded statement, but he doesn't get why they're laughing.



  • This episode takes place between episodes 12 and 13 in continuity as this episode is a clip show featuring past villains leading to the highly anticipated dinosaur crossover episode.
  • This episode features archived clips from previous episodes centered around the selected reanimation candidates:
  • The majority of the characters' voices in archive footage are dubbed over with stand-in actors native to New Zealand due to the raw audio files no longer being available.
    • Adrian Smith redubbed Goldar's lines in the archived clips as well as his revived Maximus form, while Austin St. John rerecorded Jason's lines in the Megazord battle clip.
    • Koragg, Leanbow, and Gekkor are the only characters voiced by their original actors.[Citation needed]
  • This is the first appearance of the Mystic Force Rangers' Legend Warrior Mode since "The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition", though it only appears in one clip.
  • This is Goldar's first appearance since Countdown to Destruction (22 years prior).
  • Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy remain in their transformed forms throughout this episode.
  • Many lines, especially those from Rita and Zedd, are re-recorded but very blatantly not Barbara Goodson and Robert Axelrod voices. The reason for this isn't known.
    • A popular theory however is audio quality. Nowadays, we can very easily mix audio in software like Adobe Primier and make sure that the audio levels are correct. In the 90's, the only way to mix audio was to pile the music, voice acting, and sound effects on top of each other which is why the music was often louder than the voice acting in the first six seasons and improved with Lost Galaxy.
      • If the audio from Zeo was played on modern television, either the music would suddenly be louder than the voice acting, it would sound tinny, or it would be very echoy.
  • This is the only special in Beast Morphers to have Evox appear physically.
  • The title of this episode appears to be a homage to the American drama series Breaking Bad.
  • This is the first episode to work with archive footage due to different aspect ratios between the older shows and the current one.
    • An additional problem is the fact that none of the Power Rangers series before Samurai were made in or (as of 2020) available in HD and would've clashed with the newly shot HD footage of Beast Morphers. [1]
  • The villains briefly discuss Lord Zedd as a candidate for resurrection, but upon viewing the archives quickly disregard the idea; ironically the very next season it happens in the episode, Old Foes.


  • Robo-Roxy mispronounces Koragg, The Knight Wolf, and King Mondo's names. The former was "Korogg" and the latter was "Mondoo" as in fondu.
  • Robo-Roxy and Robo-Blaze don't have the robotic filter usually present when they're morphed, even though they remain transformed for the entire episode.
  • When Gekkor attacks the Rangers in the stock footage, he says "while you continue your love fest, I think I'll destroy you." It then shows him charging and then Leanbow changing into the Wolf Warrior although he was already morphed in the actual episode and there was a speech about how the Rangers saved the Earth and he saved them between these lines.
    • Also, in this episode, Xander says "he's a Ranger" when reacting to the Wolf Warrior which was not present in the original episode and not only that but in Mystic Force, Xander spoke with his regular Australian accent, while in Beast Morphers, for some reason, he sounds exactly like Noah.
    • As well as this, the delivery of "in the name of honor, Blazing Storm Slash", the delivery is different and clearly redone for this. The original delivery was more grandiose and heroic whereas this version sounds a lot like Gekkor's voice.

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