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""What is this?! My body! My face! Help me!""
―Major Zydos begging the Dairangers for help and his final words before his death.[src]

Major Zydos (ザイドス少佐 Zaidosu Shōsa) was the strongman of the Gorma Triumvirate in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

Character History

Although a simpleton, Zydos was a key player among the Gorma because of his power, being the strongest of the Triumvirate. He showed great loyalties to his superiors Shadam and Gara and believed that Shadam was meant to be the true leader of the Gorma.

However aside from strength, he had the ability to manipulate You power in various dangerous spells. His most notable accomplishment was using power to create the means for a powerful You-controlling warrior, ultimately using Jin Matoba after he volunteered to be his vessel.Ep. 26: A Bad, Bad, Bad GuyEp. 27: It it iit's the Final Punch But though gaining the You power, Jin could never be controlled by Zydos, forcing him to only take him back after a defeatEp. 35: New Secret Art, the Dance of Spiders and completing him by mutating him into the more dangerous Garouki. Once Jin is rescued from this form by Ryo, Zydos continues his pursuit until his failed creation was finally destroyed by his own hands.Ep. 39: The Demon Fist Falls in the Setting Sun

Zydos was likewise in charge in keeping in line the The Three Gorma Stooges as they tend to botch the plans due to their competitive nature and their perceived weakness and problem-making.Ep. 15: The 3 Stooges' Soccer Ultimately he tries to manipulate a race between Boss Kamikaze and Shoji in order to eliminate the Dairanger and appear to show the Stooges as eternal losers. Kamikaze ruins the plot by crossing the finish line even as the other two warn him appearing to destroy them, yet likewise allowing for their permanent escape from Gorma servitude and saving Shoji. Zydos was first crushed by the Heavy Armor Chi Palace after losing the Three Stooges, but somehow floated away in his squashed state and escaped.Ep. 40: Farewell! 3 Stooges

Later, during a showdown between Shadam and Master Kaku over the future control of the Gorma, Zydos was sent to take down two towers set up by the former Gorma to assist in his final battle against the much stronger warrior. The Dairanger, even with their powers taken by their mentor, fight to defend the towers; but even after they return, Zydos successfully destroys one while growing giant and becoming a diversion for Gara to destroy the other. After being crushed by the Heavy Armor Chi Palace a second time, Zydos shrinks down and appears to survive until his body starts changing into clay and falling apart, becoming the first revealed to have been created by the past Shadam as a clay doll with the memories and actions of the Zydos of the past. As Zydos screams about his collapse and about not being able to accomplish anything, his body falls apart into dust.Ep. 47: The Amaazing TruthEp. 48: Magnificent!! Master Dies



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