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Majin Robot Veronica (魔神ロボ ベロニカ Majinrobo Beronika) (43-45): The ultimate giant robot built by Tranza, it required human life energy as a power source. Upon appearing on Earth, piloted by Tranza and the other Vyram officers, Veronica wreaks havoc on the city as it defeats Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda while keeping them from forming the Great Icarus. But before Veronica could finish them off, it is damaged as a result of Radiguet's attempt to take the controls from Tranza to deal the final blow. After Grey finishes repairs, Veronica resumes its attack as the Tetra Boy arrives to hold the robot off until the Great Icarus arrives. However, Veronica damages the giant robot after its power source is revealed. By the time Veronica returns, now powered by three of the Jetman, it overpowers the Great Icarus until Radiguet's sabotage manifests. With Grey piloting Veronica as Tranza deals with Red Hawk after doing away with Radiguet, who completely drains Veronica's power as the Jetman fall back with the other captives to the Great Icarus, which uses its Bird Maser in conjunction with the Tetra Boy to destroy Veronica.



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