This article is about a/an Venjix Attack Bot in Power Rangers RPM.

Magnetron is one of Venjix's Attack Bots. He is Magnet themed. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Ranger Green".


Magnetron was created by Venjix. This Bot couldn't talk (just like many others). Venjix sent him to attack Corinth, destroy Power Rangers and open locks on gates of city with his magnetic powers. Magnetron entered the city and started attacking city's computer banks in order to get the shield codes. The Rangers went to stop him, hoping that using Ziggy's teleportation ability, he could sneak up behind him, while the others distracted him. However, when they went to proceed with their plan, things didn't go too well. Magnetron could use his arms-magnets and manipulate any metal things, including rangers's weapons. The Bot used his powers to magnetize Nitro Blasters and started pulling rangers toward him. Meanwhile Ziggy never show up behind the bot. So the rangers had no choice but to morph their blaster into sword mode and give into the pull of the bot. When the swords stuck the bot, he was hit but managed to escape.

Later Scott and Flynn found the Bot at the Junk Yard with grinders. They tried to fight him, but they needed help. Summer and Dillon arrived, while Ziggy was in prison. Though the four fought hard, the Magnet Bot was stiil too much for them. He blasted them, forcing them to power down.

As he and grinders were about to escape Corinth with the Shield Codes, the four ragers showed up again and fought the evil forces. This time rangers managed to take down the Magnet Bot with the Road Blaster.

Hower Venjix sent down the download and made Magnet Bot grow. The rangers formed High Octane Megazord and were ready to battle with Super Saber, but the Bot used his power to steal the sword from them. The monster then used Megazords own weapon against it. Luckily Dillon and Ziggy arrived just in time. They managed to blast the bot back. The High Octane Megazord then combined with the Tail Spinner. This allowed team a new blade spinning slash attack. They used this attack and were able to destroy the Magnet Bot. (RPM: Ranger Green)


Magnet Bot was a cunning and devious Attack Bot, who won't stop to steal the Shield Codes of Corinth and bring it to his master Venjix. He was shown as formidable opponent for rangers and heroes had to try hard to overwhelm him.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Magnetic Powers
  • Metal Objects Magnetizing


  • Arms-Magnets

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Magnetron (power-up


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