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"Oh yes of that you can be assured my queen."
―Magnetox's first words.[src]

"You don't scare me!"
―Magnetox's final words before his demise.[src]

Magnetox is a monster with the ability to use magnetic powers to drain the energy or power from his victims using a staff with a giant magnet attached to the end.


Magnetox was recruited by Villamax. He proved his worth to Trakeena when he drained the life force from the Stingwingers, regressing them to the earliest insect stages (flies or roaches). Upon attacking the Terra Venture, he was confronted by Leo Corbett as the Red Galaxy Ranger. Leo managed to put a fight before he was caught in Magnetox's magnet bind, which drained him of his Ranger powers.

While Karone took Leo to the planet that contained the power of his Battlizer, Mike Corbett and the other Galaxy Rangers tried to defeat Magnetox without him to no avail. One by one, he drained the power from Maya, Kai, Damon and Mike's Morphers, rendering them helpless against him as he attacked the colony. As he was about to destroy the Rangers, Leo and Karone arrived in time to save them and Leo became the Red Armored Power Ranger. With his new Battlizer, Leo was more than a match for Magnetox and easily destroyed him with the Battlizer's lasers. When Magnetox was destroyed, all of the Rangers' powers returned to them.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Magnetox can teleport to any location at will.


  • Durability: Due to his armored body, Magnetox is extremely durable to attacks.


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  • Magnet Staff: Magnetox wields a magnet-styled staff in battle.
    • Bug Transformation: Using his staff, Magnetox turned a group of Stingwingers into small bugs.
    • Power Drain: Magnetox can also drain his victims' powers through his staff. The powers he stole will be returned upon his death.
    • Lightning Blast: Magnetox can shoot out red lightning from his staff.
    • Energy Reflection: Magnetox can also use his staff to reflect energy attacks.
    • Power Level Manipulation: He can manipulate the power level of his power draining ability by turning on the different dials on his staff.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Magnetox is one of the few Monsters sent by Trakeena that was destroyed in normal size without ever growing.
  • He is also one of the few monsters in the series that was capable of draining Rangers of their powers alone.
  • Leo offered Magnetox a chance to leave peacefully, even though he had all of their powers. If for some reason he would have taken him up on his offer, it would have left the other Power Rangers without their powers.


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