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"Heh heh! Ha ha ha ha ha! You got it."
―Magnet Brain's first words upon created.[src]

"North is south, up is down. I’m about to trash this town! Not so fast. Let’s try a polarity switch and see if it makes you twitch!"
―Magnet Brain when confronted by the Power Rangers.[src]

"So you defeated a bunch of clay-brains? Big deal!"
―Magnet Brain when the Power Rangers destroyed his Putties.[src]

"This oughta give me some serious pull. Ha ha!"
―Magnet Brain before using Zedd's Growth Bomb.[src]

"Wah ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Magnet Brain upon being enlarged.[src]

"How nice of you to come to my little party, Power Rangers. I've got something that's sure to stick to your ribs! Hyya! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Ya ha ha!"
―Magnet Brain when confronted by the Thunder Megazord.[src]

"Wow! Wa-how! Oh nooooo!"
―Magnet Brain's final words before his destruction.[src]

Magnet Brain was a magnet monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Opposites Attract."

Character History

The Polarizer

A massive solar storm is on its way to Angel Grove and Lord Zedd knows that this is a once every one hundred years storm and decides to use the increased electricity in the air to manipulate the Earth's polarity and cause doomsday. To this end, he decides to use Billy's special science project called a polarizer to create a monster to manipulate said polarity and sends down Goldar with the Putty Patrol to steal it. They succeed and Magnet Brain is the resulting creation, wielding a staff which possesses magnetic abilities and can mess with the magnetic field of Earth, causing the planet to disintegrate. Magnet Brain's first act immediately after his creation is to pitch his staff high into the atmosphere where it sprays the city with metal shavings which causes the city to tilt at a 90 degree angle. As seen on the Viewing Globe, he goes mad with power and starts to blow things apart with spiral blasts in the park. He then moves on and attacks some random factory where he encounters the main Power Rangers since Tommy is out looking for the Angelettes who have been lost in the madness.

The Rangers do a Dairanger pose but Magnet Brain blasts them with spirals from his staff, messing with their polarity in such a way that they are magnetically repulsed from one another. He then summons Putties to defeat the divided team and remains on the sidelines until he sees Jason atop some piping and blasts him to the ground where the Red Ranger then tries to use his Blade Blaster on Magnet Brain. Once he does this however, Magnet Brain uses his polarity powers to make it misfire and blast him down as he then dpes to Zack when he tries the same thing. Even in spite of their sidearms backfiring, the Power Rangers quickly decimate his Putties and form the Power Blaster which pushes him along the ground and knocks him against the wall but barely harms him. Zedd then throws a Growth Bomb to make Magnet Brain grow which he catches and os happy to get "some serious pull" before using it to grow giant. When the Rangers arrive in the Thunder Megazord, Magnet Brain pulls out a gigantic magnet and welcomes them to his party and promises they'd really enjoy this before throwing the magnet which magnetically attaches to its chest. He then cackles maniacally before he uses his staff to fry the Megazord until it rips the magnet in two with its bare hands. This angers Magnet Brain and he charges to try and bash it to pieces but they then destroy the monster with the Thunder Saber. The Megazord turns and sheathes it as Magnet Brain collapses onto his stomach and explodes. Upon his defeat, Billy's Polarizer returns to normal.


Magnet Brain was an extremely arrogant and confident monster that stopped at nothing in his mission to destroy the Power Rangers and destabilize the magnetic field of Earth. However, he was also deeply loyal to Lord Zedd.

Powers and Abilities


  • Speech: Magnet Brain was able to speak despite having no visible mouth.
  • Spiral Blast: Magnet Brain could charge up his fist with blue energy and thrust it forth to fire a giant blue spiral forward that can cause giant explosions and blasted Jason off of some scaffolding.
    • Polarity Reversion: Magnet Brain’s spiral blasts could also reverse the polarity on Jason and Zack's Blade Blasters and make them misfire.
  • Z-Putty Summoning: Magnet Brain could summon Zedd's Putties to assist him in battle.
  • Magnet Summoning: Magnet Brain was able to generate a giant magnet into his hands.


  • Strength: Magnet Brain was strong enough to pitch his staff high into the atmosphere with just one arm.
  • Durability: Magnet Brain was blasted by the Power Blaster and was completely unfazed and the attack also slammed him into a wall which also didn't hurt him.


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  • Magnet Staff: Magnet Brain had a staff with the symbols for positive and negative energy on either end of it.
    • Depolarization: Magnet Brain could pitch his staff his into the air where it begins to destroy the Earth's polarity. According to Zedd, this would cause the Earth to disintegrate.
      • Polarization Blast: Magnet Brain could also charge blue energy into his staff and fire a spiral from the red N portion which reversed the Rangers' polarity so much that they were be repelled from one another with enough force that Zack was thrown into a roll.
    • Magnet Lightning: Magnet Brain could power up his giant magnet with his staff to electrocute his opponents.
  • Magnet: Magnet Brain could generate a giant magnet to throw at his enemies and restrain them.
    • Electrocution: Magnet Brain could empower it with his staff to electrocute whoever his magnet attached to.

Behind the Scenes


  • Just like many other characters, Magnet Brain was voiced by Michael Sorich.
    • Magnet Brain sounded almost exactly like Squatt and this is no more evident than when he claimed “Magnet Brain fears no one!”


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  • Magnet Brain was probably the most dangerous monster in the show's history because he could obliterate the entire Earth just by throwing his staff into the air and waiting long enough.
  • In Dairanger, the Power Blaster's blast was actually the Blue Ranger's supercharged fist.


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