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"North is South, up is down, I'm about to trash this town!"
―Magnet Brain[src]

A magnet monster created by Lord Zedd from a science project built by Billy called a polarizer. Zedd called Magnet Brain a "monster with a magnetic personality." Magnet Brain can cause mass havoc using atmospheric disturbances. His mission was to demolecularize the planet, eventually causing it to disintegrate. Magnet Brain can toss the huge magnet he carries around with him like a weapon. The Power Blaster didn't destroy Magnet Brain, but simply pushed him back along the ground and knocked him against the wall, barely harming him. After growing and attaching the magnet to the Thunder Megazord's chest, Magnet Brain makes the magnet charge up with magnetic light waves, completely shocking the zord. However, when the zord slices the magnet in half, it manages to strike back with the Thunder Saber, defeating the monster. Upon the monster's defeat, Billy's device is returned to its normal state.


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