This article is about a/an evil mecha in Choudenshi Bioman.

Magne Megas (マグネメガス Magunemegasu, 35-36) is a Neo Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, initially piloted by Mason, then later by Farrah.


A mecha created from Magne Meteors, containing a magnetic pulse that interferes with the Super-Electronic Brains of Bioman's suits. It controls magnetic forces from its arms via the Magnetic Cannons. After the creation of Gear's "Magne Warrior" suit given to Shota Yamamori, it uses its magnetic powers to control the suit and empower it with magnetic energy to attack Bioman with on the ground. It also possessed reinforced armor.


Magne Megas was part of a two-part plan by Gear to create both a mecha and a warrior using Magne Meteors that would allow for them to crush Bioman with magnetic force interfering with their powers. During its first battle, Bioman has a hard time facing Mason in the machine until Shota Yamamori, a wildman who lives near the mountains the meteors struck, hits the mecha with a rock, forcing it to retreat.

After turning Shota into the "Magne Warrior" using a special suit made of the same meteors as Magne Megas, Farah uses the mecha in coordination to keep control and powering him to combat Bioman. After Jun uses her arrows to remove the bands keeping Shota transformed, Bioman later face Magne Megas in combat again, this time defeating it with the Bio Particle Cut.


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