This article is about a/an base/mecha in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

Magma Base (マグマベース Maguma Bēsu): The command center and living quarters of the Hoshikawas. Built by Doctor Hoshikawa, it was used to travel to Sidon and later to escape from there. It has a powerful defense system with multiple weapons. It was destroyed by Vulgyre with ease.

Max Magma

Max Magma (マックスマグマ Makkusu Maguma): The combination of the Super Fiverobo and the Magma Base when the command "Combine! Max Cross!" (合体! マックスクロス! Gattai! Makkusu Kurosu!) is given. It is armed with the Max Storm (the cannons in its shoulders). Its ultimate finishing attack is the "Diamond Max" (ダイヤモンドマックス Daiyamondo Makkusu), in which every single cannon on its body fires at the same time. This robot, being primarily a base, cannot walk like the Super Turbo Builder in Kousoku Sentai Turboranger. It was first used to destroy the monster CrabAntgin. It was destroyed by Vulgyre in the finale.



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