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In the Super Sentai Series Mahou Sentai Magiranger, both the heroes and villains utilize a number of magical spells to accomplish their tasks. With the MagiPhones, the Ozu Family can perform a number of feats by entering the correct button combination on the keypad and calling out the corresponding spell. When Wolzard's magic was transformed into the Wolzaphones and given to the Nightmare Sisters, they had the same ten spell syllables he uses, each assigned to a different button. Meemy's system uses many of the same syllables as Wolzard, but Meemy uses a magical fan instead of a phone to cast them. MagiShine rarely presses buttons, instead using special spell cards.

Keypad Number Maji Syllable Uru Syllable Meru Syllable Golu Syllable Meaning
1 Maagi (マージ Māji) Uuza (ウーザ Ūza) Meeza (メーザ Mēza) Goolu (ゴール Gōru) A strange change
2 Jiruma (ジルマ Jiruma) Douza (ドーザ Dōza) Douza (ドーザ Dōza) Luuma (ルーマ Rūma) Use a technique
3 Jijiru (ジジル Jijiru) Zazare (ザザレ Zazare) Zazare (ザザレ Zazare) Luludo (ルルド Rurudo) Use a weapon
4 Magiine (マジーネ Majīne) Zazado (ザザド Zazado) Zazado (ザザド Zazado) Goludo (ゴルド Gorudo) Against the enemy
5 Jinga (ジンガ Jinga) Zanga (ザンガ Zanga) Zanga (ザンガ Zanga) Gonga (ゴンガ Gonga) Unite (ウニテ Unite)
6 Magiiro (マジーロ Majīro) Uzaara (ウザーラ Uzāra) Mezaara (メザーラ Mezāra) Goludiiro (ゴルディーロ Gorudīro) Body
7 Magika (マジカ Majika) Ugaro (ウガロ Ugaro) Megaro (メガロ Megaro) Gojika (ゴジカ Gojika) Elemental power/energy
8 Jii (ジー ) Uu (ウー Ū) Mee (メー ) Gou (ゴー ) Use the phone itself
9 Majuna (マジュナ Majuna) Ujira (ウジラ Ujira) Mejira (メジラ Mejira) Lujuna (ルジュナ Rujuna) Power of light
0 Magi (マジ Maji) Uru (ウル Uru) Meru (メル Meru) Golu (ゴル Goru) A soldier/person


  • 106 - Maagi Magi Magiiro (マージ・マジ・マジーロ Māji Maji Majīro): transformation spell
    • 4 - Magiine (マジーネ Majīne): detransformation spell.
  • 07 - Magi Magika (マジ・マジカ Maji Majika): Attack using elemental power.
  • 26 - Jiruma Magiiro (ジルマ・マジーロ Jiruma Majīro): Kai's alchemy spell.
  • 56 - Jinga Magiiro (ジンガ・マジーロ Jinga Majīro): Tsubasa's potion spell.
  • 03 - Magi Jijiru (マジ・ジジル Maji Jijiru): Urara's Divination Spell.
    • 003 - Magi Magi Jijiru (マジ・マジ・ジジル Maji Maji Jijiru): Advanced Divination Spell.
  • 16 - Maagi Magiiro (マージ・マジーロ Māji Majīro): Houka's disguise spell.
  • 27 - Jiruma Magika (ジルマ・マジカ Jiruma Majika): Makito's Herbology Spell.
  • 99 - Majuna Majuna (マジュナ・マジュナ Majuna Majuna): Spell for invisibility.
  • 204 - Jiruma Magi Magiine (ジルマ・マジ・マジーネ Jiruma Maji Majīne): An exorcism spell, used to remove Specter from Petit Eriko.
    • 2004 - Jiruma Magi Magi Magiine (ジルマ・マジ・マジ・マジーネ Jiruma Maji Maji Majīne): A variation of the above spell used to free those consumed by evil spirits.
  • 67 - Magiiro Magika (マジーロ・マジカ Majīro Majika): Increases the senses.
  • 83 - Jii Jijiru (ジー・ジジル Jī Jijiru): Transforms the MagiSticks into the Magirangers' individual weapons
    • 883 - Jii Jii Jijiru (ジー・ジー・ジジル Jī Jī Jijiru): Summon MagiPunch. Also used for "Magical Sisters Dance" in Stage 8.
  • 19 - Maagi Majuna (マージ・マジュナ Māji Majuna): A spell for random teleportation that was mentioned, but never actually used.
  • 01 - Magi Maagi (マジ・マージ Maji Māji): MagiGreen's "Green Muscle" Spell.
  • 126 - Maagi Jiruma Magiiro (マージ・ジルマ・マジーロ Māji Jiruma Majīro): "Magical Tower" Spell. Also used by the fake MagiPink and MagiBlue to form a giant frog.
  • 216 - Jiruma Maagi Magiiro (ジルマ・マージ・マージロ Jiruma Māji Majīro): A spell that returns things that someone else has stolen.
  • 417 - Magiine Maagi Magika (マジーネ・マージ・マジカ Majīne Māji Majika): Used by Kai to free Yuka Yamazaki from King Glúm's hold in the movie.
  • 287 - Jiruma Jii Magika (ジルマ・ジー・マジカ Jiruma Jī Majika): "Smoky Blue Shining Attack" Spell.
  • 44 - Magiine Magiine (マジーネ・マジーネ Majīne Majīne): A spell that restores what was destroyed.
  • 84 - Jii Magiine (ジー・マジーネ Jī Majīne): MagiMother uses this to shoot her ice arrows.
  • 9888 - Majuna Jii Jii Jii (マジュナ・ジー・ジー・ジー Majuna Jī Jī Jī): Transformed Spider-Kai back into himself with the Silver MagiPhone.
  • 92 - Majuna Jiruma (マジュナ・ジルマ Majuna Jiruma): Causes someone to lose their balance.
  • 104 - Maagi Magi Magiine (マージ・マジ・マジーネ Māji Maji Majīne): Separates the soul from the body.
  • 87 - Jii Magika (ジー・マジカ Jī Majika): Elemental attack.
  • 007 - Magi Magi Magika (マジ・マジ・マジカ Maji Maji Majika): Red Fire Shoot
    • 0007 - Magi Magi Magi Magika (マジ・マジ・マジ・マジカ Maji Maji Maji Majika): The strongest version of Red Fire. Kai used it against Wolzard, when he unleashed his supreme courage.
  • 29 - Jiruma Majuna (ジルマ・マジュナ Jiruma Majuna): Miyuki fires a blast of freezing wind from her Magistick.
  • 206 - Jiruma Magi Magiro (ジルマ・マジ・マジロ Jiruma Maji Majiro): Reverses and negates dark magic.
  • 09 - Magi Majuna (マジ・マジュナ Maji Majuna): Completely destroys a target
  • 59 - Jinga Majuna (ジンガ・マジュナ Jinga Majuna): Magical Curtain. Creates a defensive barrier.

Majin Spells

  • 107 - Maagi Magi Magika (マージ・マジ・マジカ Māji Maji Majika): Siblings become their respective Majin, while MagiMother grows giant.
    • 186 - Maagi Jii Magiiro (マージ・ジー・マジーロ Māji Jī Majīro): Transforms MagiFairy into a large ball.
  • 125 - Maagi Jiruma Jinga (マージ・ジルマ・ジンガ Māji Jiruma Jinga): MagiTaurus, MagiMermaid, MagiFairy and MagiGaruda form MagiDragon.
  • 1205 - Maagi Jiruma Magi Jinga (マージ・ジルマ・マジ・ジンガ Māji Jiruma Maji Jinga): The five Majin combine to form MagiKing.
    • 803 - Jii Magi Jijiru (ジー・マジ・ジジル Jī Maji Jijiru): Summons KingCalibur
    • 1207 - Maagi Jiruma Magi Magika (マージ・ジルマ・マジ・マジカ Māji Jiruma Maji Majika): MagiKing's "Heavenly Magic Slash" attack.
    • 209 - Jiruma Magi Majuna (ジルマ・マジ・マジュナ Jiruma Maji Majuna): MagiKing's "Magical Shower" attack.
    • 1285 - Maagi Jiruma Jii Jinga (マージ・ジルマ・ジー・ジンガ Māji Jiruma Jī Jinga): MagiKing's "Magic Family Slash" attack.
  • 2105 - Jiruma Maagi Magi Jinga (ジルマ・マージ・マジ・ジンガ Jiruma Māji Majiā Jingaā): MagiPhoenix and Barikion combine to form Barikion.
  • 1025 - Maagi Magi Jiruma Jinga (マージ・マジ・ジルマ・ジンガ Māji Maji Jiruma Jinga): MagiPhoenix and Unigolon fuse into the Holy Majin, SaintKaiser.
  • 806 - Jii Magi Magiiro (ジー・マジ・マジーロ Jī Maji Majīro): Makes MagiKing cut better.

Legend Magiranger Spells

  • 1006 - Maagi Magi Magi Magiiro (マージ・マジ・マジ・マジーロ Māji Maji Maji Majīro): "Super Magical Transformation". The spell used to transform into Legend Mode.
  • Jinga Magika (ジンガ・マジカ):
  • Jii Golu Jijiru (ジー・ゴル・ジジル Jī Goru Jijiru): Summons ScrewCalibur
  • Maagi Jiruma Golu Gogika (マージ・ジルマ・ゴル・ゴジカ Māji Jiruma Goru Gojika): ScrewCaliber Fire Tornado.
  • Maagi Golu Gogika (マージ・ゴル・ゴジカ Māji Goru Gojika): Urara's Fantastic Splash attack.
  • Golu Maagi (ゴル・マージ Goru Māji): Makito's Rock Armor spell.
  • Goo Magiiro (ゴー・マジーロ Gō Majīro): Transforms Tsubasa's DialRod to DialRod Bow Gun.
  • Magiine Luludo (マジーネ・ルルド Majīne Rurudo): Used by Kai and Houka to free Hikaru, Makito, Tsubasa and Urara from Hades Goddess Gorgon.
  • Magi Magi Gogika (マジ・マジ・ゴジカ Maji Maji Gojika): Creates a stream of pressurized water that can cut almost anything. Used by Urara to destroy a giant toad created from the fake MagiPink and MagiBlue, and then to change the dice to gain the upper hand in Toad's board game.
  • Jiruma Jiruma Gonga (ジルマ・ジルマ・ゴンガ Jiruma Jiruma Gonga): Brought Miyuki back.
  • Jii Golu Majuna (ジー・ゴル・マジュナ Jī Goru Majuna): Allows someone to phase through solid matter.

Dial Rod Spells

  • 1 - MagiBolt (マジボルト MajiBoruto): Individual attack with DialRod.
  • 2 - Gii Golu MagiBolt (ジー・ゴル・マジボルト Jī Goru MajiBoruto): Legend Finish: Team attack with DialRods.
  • 3 - Maagi Golu Majuulu (マージ・ゴル・マジュール Māji Goru Majūru): Kai becomes MagiFirebird.
  • 4 - Maagi Giruma Golu Gogoolu (マージ・ジルマ・ゴゴール Māji Jiruma Goru Gogōru): The other four become MagiLion.
  • 5 - Maagi Giruma Golu Jingajin (マージ・ジルマ・ゴルジンガジン Māji Jiruma Goru Jingajin): Form MagiLegend.


  • 1 - Goolu (ゴール Gōru): Teleportation Spell (used on Smoky).
  • 116 - Goolu Golu Goludiiro (ゴール・ゴル・ゴルディーロ Gōru Goru Gorudīro): Heavenly Transformation Spell. Also used by Kai to transform into KaiShine. Requires the "Change" Magiticket.
  • 817 - Gou Golu Gogika (ゴー・ゴル・ゴジカ Gō Goru Gojika): Light Attack Spell, utlizing the "Flash" Magiticket, where he shoots a golden beam of energy using the Magiticket.
  • 217 - Luuma Goolu Gogika (ルーマ・ゴール・ゴジカ Rūma Gōru Gojika): "Smoky Shining" attack, "DekaBreak Shining Fist" attack.
  • 26 - Luuma Goludiiro (ルーマ・ゴルディーロ Rūma Gorudīro): Used once to punish Smoky. Also used to change the Magiranger's clothing with the "Fashion" Magiticket.
  • 813 - Gou Golu Luludo (ゴー・ゴル・ルルド Gō Goru Rurudo): Calls Travelion Express with the "Travelion" Magiticket
  • 886 - Gou Gou Goludiiro (ゴー・ゴー・ゴルディーロ Gō Gō Gorudīro): Using this spell, along with the "Joint" Magiticket, Travelion transforms into it's robot form.
    • 117 - Golu Golu Gogika (ゴル・ゴル・ゴジカ Goru Goru Gojika): Travelion's Destruction Fire Reverse Thrust attack.
  • 589 - Gonga Gou Lujuna (ゴンガ・ゴー・ルジュナ Gonga Gō Rujuna): Creates a barrier(using the 'Barrier" Magiticket), used in Stage 23 to seal temporarily the chasm opened in Tsubasa's chest. Also used to prevent Makito's infection from Mold from spreading.
  • 24 - Luuma Goludo (ルーマ・ゴルド Rūma Gorudo): With the "Memory" Magitcket, Hikaru can see someone else's memories.
  • 296 - Luuma Lujuna Goludiiro (ルーマ・ルジュナ・ゴルディーロ Rūma Rujuna Gorudīro): Used in Stage 31 to limit the amount of power that the Legend MagiRangers used to prevent them from becoming Heavenly Saints. In the following episode it was revealed that a side effect from this spell created a time limit for the Magirangers to remain in their Legend form before their power is used up and they revert back to their normal Magiranger forms.
  • 3 - Luludo (ルルド Rurudo): Teleported DekaBreak into the MagiLamp.
  • 97 - Lujuna Gogika (ルジュナ・ゴジカ Rujuna Gojika): Freed Hikaru from the MagiLamp and exited the mini-garden.
  • 27 - Luuma Gonga (ルーマ・ゴンガ Rūma Gonga): Temporarily paralysis spell. Used on the MagiRangers, with an unseen Magiticker. Also used by Isamu so he could finish his 15-year-old battle against N Ma.
  • 3 - Goo Luludo (ゴー・ルルド Gō Rurudo): Summons the Magilamp
  • 87 - Goo Gojika (ゴー・ゴジカ Gō Gojika): The spell Hikaru used to save Smokey, by placing him in the Magilamp.
  • 276 - Luuma Gojika Golodiiro (ルーマ・ゴジカ・ゴロディーロ Rūma Gojika Gorodīro): Prominence Flare, used against N Ma.
  • 1088 - Goolu Golu Gou Gou (ゴール・ゴル・ゴー・ゴー Gōru Goru Gō Gō): Makes anyone's thought into reality on the Gold GripPhone.

Requires the image card on the Gold GripPhone.

Wolzard Fire

  • 107 - Maagi Golu Magika (マージ・ゴル・マジカ Māji Goru Majika): Blagel's "Blazing Storm" spell.
  • 129 - Goolu Luuma Lujuna (ゴール・ルーマ・ルジュナ Gōru Rūma Rujuna): Mass Teleport Spell
  • 104 - Goolu Golu Goludo (ゴール・ゴル・ゴルド Gōru Goru Gorudo): Breaks N Ma's powerful, dark, cursed reincarnation.
  • 209 - Luuma Golu Lujuna (ルーマ・ゴル・ルジュナ Rūma Goru Rujuna): The Great Seal used against N Ma after his resurrection with the Legend magic.
  • 1006 - Goolu Golu Golu Goludiiro (ゴール・ゴル・ゴル・ゴルディーロ Gōru Goru Goru Gorudīro): Super Heavenly Transformation spell, transforms Isamu into Wolzard Fire.
  • 1087 - Maagi Golu Jii Magika (マージ・ゴル・ジー・マジカ Māji Goru Jī Majika): Blagel's "Raging Storm Slash" attack.
  • 36 - Luludo Goludiiro (ルルド・ゴルディーロ Rurudo Gorudīro): Transformed the library into a wedding chapel.

Other Magiranger Spells

  • - Roogi Maneegi Magi Mamarugi (ローギ・マネーギ・ママルギ Rōgi Manēgi Maji Mamarugi): Forbidden Spell, reverses time to show the caster what happened in the past. Being a forbidden spell that can only be safely used by Chronogel, whoever casts this other than said Heavenly Saint feels the ravages of time on his/her very being.
  • - Magi Majuulu Gogoolu Jingajin (マジ・マジュール・ゴゴール・ジンガジン Maji Majūru Gogōru Jingajin): Five Fantastic Aerial Attack
    Used to imobilize a group of six MakamouIcon-crosswiki.png loyal to Dai-ShockerIcon-crosswiki.png, allowing Kamen Rider HibikiIcon-crosswiki.png to destroy them with his Ongekibō - Rekka attack. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen
  • - Maagi Magi Magend (マージ・マジ・マジェンド Māji Maji Majendo): Magical Power: combines the powers of the entire Ozu Family into one attack that destroys N Ma.
  • - Maagi Jiruma Dekaranger (マージ・ジルマ・デカレンジャー Māji Jiruma Dekarenjā): Combines the powers of the Magirangers with the Dekarangers into an attack called "Magi-Deka Fantastic Strikeout" to destroy Agent X and Babon for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs. Dekaranger
  • - Maagi Magi Go Gokai (マージ・マジ・ゴー・ゴーカイ Māji Maji Gō Gōkai): Used by Gokaigers while transformed as Magirangers to bind Salamandam. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 3: Changing Courage into Magic
  • Gokai Gigiru (ゴーカイ・ジジル Gōkai Jijiru): Used by Gokai Yellow while transformed as MagiMother to make snow appear. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 44: A Lovely Christmas Eve
  • - Gokai Magi Bind (ゴーカイ・マジ・バインド Gōkai Maji Baindo): MagiDragon launches from GokaiOh's hatches and wraps the enemy in a series of magical seals to crush them.

Heavenly Saints

  • 03 - Golu Luludo (ゴル・ルルド Goru Rurudo): Used by Lunagel to trap the Magiranger in another dimension.
  • 87 - Goo Gojika (ゴー・ゴジカ Gō Gojika): Extends Lunagels staff.
  • 07 - Golu Gojika (ゴル・ゴジカ Goru Gojika): Lunagel's Moonbeam Attack spell
  • 19 - Goolu Lujuna (ゴール・ルジュナ Gōru Rujuna): Teleport spell
  • 107 - Goolu Golu Gojika (ゴール・ゴル・ゴジカ Gōru Goru Gojika): Lunagel becomes her giant Saint form
  • 017 - Goo Golu Gojika (ゴー・ゴル・ゴジカ Gō Goru Gojika): Lunagel's Moonlight Circle spell
  • 20 - Jiruma Golu Majuulu Gogolu (ジルマ・ゴル・マジュール・ゴゴル Jiruma Goru Majūru Gogoru): Snowgel used this to spell to give the Magiranger their Legend powers.
  • 09 - Golu Lujuna (ゴル・ルジュナ Goru Rujuna): Used by Lunagel to negate the side effects of the Legend powers.
  • 259 - Luuma Gonga Lujuna (ルーマ・ゴンガ・ルジュナ Rūma Gonga Rujuna): Lunagel's vaccination spell against Hades Beast Mold.
  • 59 - Gonga Lujuna (ゴンガ・ルジュナ Gonga Rujuna): shield spell
  • 10 - Goolu Golu Majuulu (ゴール・ゴル・マジュール Gōru Goru Majūru): Transforms Snowgel from her baby to adult form
  • 27 - Luuma Gojika (ルーマ・ゴジカ Rūma Gojika): Snowgel's ice attack.
  • 7 - Gojika (ゴジカ Gojika): The spell used by Magiel to use her Hollow Mirage techinque, a spell that incases its target in a flaming orb

Madou Spells


  • - Douza Uru Zazaado: Magical Wolf Spell.
  • - Uuza Uru Ugaro: Enlargement Spell
    • 207 - Douza Uru Ugaro: Monster Enlargement Spell
  • - Uu Uru Zazare: Summons Dark Magic Horse Barikion.
    • - Uuza Douza Zanga: Wolzard and Barikion combine to form WolKentauros
  • - *Uuza Douza Uru Zanga: Combine to form Supreme Ruler of Darkness WolKaiser.
  • - Uuza Ujira: Teleportation spell.
    • 129 - Uuza Douza Ujira: Mass Teleport spell. Used by Nai and Mare in the VS special.
  • - Uzaara Ugaro: Empowerment Spell
  • - Uu Zazare: Summons Hades Beast and/or Zobils.
  • - Uuza Douza Uru Ugaro: Wolkaiser's Dark Magic Slash.
  • - Douza Uru Ujira: The spell used to steal the MajiKing power.
  • - Douza Uzaara: Monster Restoration Spell.
  • - Uuza Douza Zazare: Dream contacting.
  • - Douza Uru Zazare: Brought Branken to the surface.
  • - Uu Uu Zazare: Wolzard used this spell to counter Lunagel's "Key Spell"
  • - Uu Zazado Zanga: Wolkasier's Dark Tornado binding spell
  • - Uu Ujira: Removed his magical power from his body.
  • - Uru Ugaro: Dark Madou Slash.
    • 07 - Uru Ugaro: Vancuria unleashes a power blast from the WolzaPhones.
  • - Douza Ujira: Reflects elemental attacks.
  • - Zanga Uru Ujira: Wolkaiser uses this spell to absorb the High Mold.
  • - Uuza Ugaro:
  • - Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga: Used by the now-purified Wolzard to form WolKaiser.


  • - Meeza Zazare: The spell that resurrected Raigel as Meemy.
  • - Douza Mezara: Bug Transformation Spell.
  • - Meru Megaro: Attack Spell.
  • - Meru Zazaado: Attack Spell.
  • - Douza Mee Mejira: Unseals a Hades Beastman.
  • - Meeza Mezara: Shape-shifting spell
  • - Douza Meru Zazaado: Magical Centipede Spell. In giant form, this creates Dark Lightning.
  • - Mee Zazare: Send a Hades Beastman and/or Zobils to the Surface.
  • - Meru Mezaara: Created Yamazaki's wedding dress.
  • - Douza Meru Mee Megaro: The Hades Beastman Four Kings of Hell summoning spell.
  • - Megaro Mezaara Meru Douza: Imbued Bullrates with youth and power, as well as creating the Infershia Marudeyouna world that held Hades Machine Golem.
  • - Megaro Zanga Meru Douza: A forbidden spell that allows its user to manipulate life. Meemy used it to create Chimera.
  • - Douza Meru Mejira: Drained Travelion's powers.
  • - Douza Meru Meru Mejira: Used to transfer the Magirangers' Legend powers to N Ma.
  • - Douza Meru Megaro: Makes Hades Beastman grow giant
  • - Meeza Meru Megaro: Super Enlargement Spell.
  • - Mee Mezara: Transforms Wolzard's magic into the Uuzaphones
  • - Douza Mejira: Transports others into the Underworld. Used in the VS special.


  • - Uuza Douza Ujura: Transports into a pocket-dimension


  • - Uuza Douza Zazare: Exits pocket dimension

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