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Magical Train Travelion Express (Mahō Tokkyuu Travelion Express) can transform into Magical Iron God Travelion (魔法鉄神トラベリオン, Mahō Tetsujin Toraberion) when MagiShine uses the Joint MagiTicket for the spell "Goo Goo Goludiiro", this is the Mahou Transformation (魔法変形, Mahō Henkei).


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Magical Iron God Travelion

"Magical Transformation! Goo Goo Goludiiro! Connection complete! Magical Iron God Travelion!''"
―Combination announcement.[src]

In battle mode, Travelion can fire the cannon barrel in its chest for its Destruction Fire where the lid on its chest opened up shooting a golden beam towards the enemy then absorbs them in its chest burning them inside of its engines then destroy them, and Destruction Fire Reverse Spray where it shoots out a beam of fire for damaging enemies instead of absorbing them, and from the funnel on top of its head Steam Bazooka where it shoots steam, and it can shoot out golden beams of energy from the red ruby on its head. Travelion has two miniature trains stored in its legs, the Remote Liners, that can be used to bind an enemy using small train tracks. Travelion has also performed rapid-fire punches Piston Punch, and kicks in battle.

The Head Train becomes the chest, the Rear Train becomes the head and body, Cargo Trains 1 and 3 become the arms (right and left respectively), and Cargo Trains 2 and 4 make the legs (right and left respectively). Its suit actor was Jirō Okamoto.

Appearances: Magiranger Episodes


Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O

Travelion as depicted in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

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  • Travelion is the second train-themed mecha but has several differences from various other mecha:
    • It is the first train mecha controlled by a Sixth Ranger, without any color/ranger designations to break up the train components.
    • It is the first mecha fundamentally based on a steam-train, compared to the more modern Grand Liner despite the fact GoLiner 1 physically resembled a steam locomotive.
    • It is the only existing train-themed mecha to not combine in any way with other mecha from the same series.
  • In the toy version, Travelion can combined with MagiPhoenix and MagiFairy, Wolzard, and MagiLion to make alternate combinations.

Travelion in alternate combinations

  • The concept of multiple train cars transforming into a giant robo is later used in Ressha Sentai ToQger, where ToQ 6gou combines the two cars of his Build Ressha to form Build Dai-Oh.
    • Despite this, Travelion's formation call is "henkei" while Build Dai-Oh formation call is "gattai".


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