Magic Wand (1993-1998)

"Magic wand! Make my monster/Goldar grow!"
Rita's incantation before using her wand to enlarge her allies.[src]

The Magic Wand was a powerful magic scepter and the signature weapon of Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers franchise.


Growing Monsters

Rita's wand was first seen when she exited the dumpster which she her goons were trapped in for 10,000 years and Baboo made her step in a puddle. In Season 1, Rita used it to make her monsters, Goldar, Scorpina and in one case Tommy Oliver grow giant. To do so, she would typically shout "magic wand, make my monster grow!"

When Lord Zedd arrived on the Moon in with Season 2's first episode, "The Mutiny", Rita was berated for her long list of failures before Zedd vaporized her wand and sent her into space in a space dumpster like the one she was originally released from. When she returned to the Moon sometime later, she used a love potion to make Zedd fall in love with her and he gave her a new wand as a wedding present.

In Season 3, Zedd retired his Growth Bombs as his way of enlarging monsters. Instead, he would combine his staff with Rita's wand which would amplify their magic to generate a lightning cloud. Said cloud would then fire off blue lightning which would blast the monster with enough energy to make them grow.

During an occasion where Rita and Zedd decided to swap places with her brother Rito Revolto to become more comedic and idiotic, Rito wielded both Zedd's staff and Rita's wand. He used these to create and later enlarge Marvo the Meanie although they were retrieved by their owners once his plan failed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wizard for a Day

It left with Rita when the Machine Empire invaded in the two-part opening episode of Power Rangers Zeo "A Zeo Beginning" although it eventually returned with her in the episode "A Golden Homecoming" after the Zeo Rangers made the Machine Empire into a punchline. Later, in the episode "Rangers of Two Worlds-part I", Finster created a newer and more powerful version of Rita's wand with her discarding the old one. Rita then immediately used it to create the Impursonator who was her and Zedd's all-time most powerful monster.

Rita's wand was vaporized when Zordon's Energy Wave purified her and Zedd as well as wiped out the United Alliance of Evil. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Rita has since replaced it with a small Harry Potter style wand since becoming the Mystic Mother. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mystic Fate

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Blasts: Rita could fire a pink beam of energy from her staff which explodes on contact. These were powerful enough to destroy the Dumpster that she and the others were trapped in for 10,000 years and obliterate the Island of Illusion with one shot.
  • Monster Enlargement: Rita's primary ability with her wand. By chanting "magic wand, make my monster/Goldar grow" and throwing her wand to Earth, Rita could open a giant chasm in the ground which gave the monsters enough energy to grow.
    • Growth Lightning: Rita could grow monsters by hitting them with a purple energy blast from the bottom of her wand. However, she only used this once in the episode "Switching Places" when she grew the Genie.
  • Monster Creation: Rita could fire blasts from her staff's gem which can create monsters out of objects. However, she only used this power three (to create the Wheel of Misfortune, the Brick Bully and the Impursonator although she intended to turn Kat back into Katastrophe in both of the latter cases.
  • Teleportation Beam: Rita could fire a green energy beam from the pink jewel on her wand capable of teleporting other beings around. She only used this to teleport Tommy to a beach to fight her Putties in the episode "Jason's Battle."