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―Magic-Flute Org's first words

"Put me down.Please help me! Why do you have to lift me so high!? Please let me into heaven."
―Magic-Flute Org's final words before his death

An Org Spirit acquiring a flute, its body was shaped like an ocarina. Magic-Flute Org was able to breakup Tetomu and Shirogane. Finding it lovely, Rasetsu sends the Dukes to find him for dining entertainment. During that time, Magic-Flute uses his power to cause kids to dance uncontrollably until the Gaorangers interfere. The Dukes manage to save him, bringing him to Rasetsu who enhances him with the Dukes' energy, allowing him to control adults. He managed to force the Gaorangers to dance until Tetomu and Shirogane momentarily negate the Org's music with their own until an infuriated Rasetsu attacked them, but GaoDeers arrives to fully break the spell. Though killed by the Gaorangers' Hyakujuuken, TsueTsue revives Magic-Flute Org, who uses his music to drown out Juuou Swords' call until GaoGod emerges and destroyed the Org's flute with his arrow, allowing GaoIcarus to be summoned and kill Magic-Flute Org.



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