This article is about a/an set of grunts in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Maggot Lost Galaxy

A maggot, seen in the Onyx Tavern by Trakeena.

The Maggots are Count Dregon's tall humanoid henchmen. Unfortunately for Dregon they are incredibly stupid and hardly get the job done. They are often confused and Masked Rider can easily handle them. They can spew slime and shoot threads from their mouths. A Friend in Need

A Maggot was among the patrons at the Onyx Tavern by Andros, among other foot soldiers such as Z-Putties and Tenga Warriors, and the Octophantom. Flashes of Darkonda

Later, a Maggot was again seen at the Onyx Tavern, sitting at the bar during Trakeena's visit there. Heir to the Throne


  • The costume for the Maggots were created by Chiodo Bros. Productions.
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