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Magera (マゲラー Magerā) is the Karō of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who ruled the Aries Constellation system.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Magemage Power (マゲマゲパワー MagemagePawā): Magera's hand can flashing to create explosions, curving attacks and manipulate humanity. He can also use Transmission tower to create a battle ring while large.


  • Mage Launcher (マゲランチャー Mage Ranchā): Magera's primary weapon which can shoot bullets or use it as a lance.


  • Height: 197cm (Giant Height / 54.2m)
  • Weight: 177kg (Giant Weight / 488.5t)
  • Title: Karō of Aries
  • Born: Spoon of Aries
  • Category: Alloy Alien
  • Inrō: Right wrist
  • Aka: ESPer of the Space

Behind the Scenes




concept art

  • This is the first Karo to be Villain of the week.
  • His design is based on Spoon bending.
  • His name is derived from the Japanese word for to bend (曲げる Mageru).
  • The symbols on his body are taken from Zener cards, parapsychological tools used to test for evidence of ESP; these cards are also used as the basis for the shapes associated with the Ohranger.
  • Similar to Jagged from the last season, he is supposedly ranked a general (Karo for Magera and Team Leader for Jagged), yet he was destroyed in the only episode he debuted in).


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