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""Who are we?"
"Battobas Monster Corps!"
"Who's going down?"
"Who's gonna beat them?"
"We are!""
―Chapter 38: The Determination of Hyuuga[src]

Magdas (マグダス) is a magnet-themed Majin.

Character History

He kidnapped children in an attempt to use them in a ritual to clean Daitanix's veins. During his first attempt Magdas is interrupted by Hyuuga who came to steal some special berries one of the children had that would strip him of his Earth Power. During his second attempt, while Ryouma was busy facing against Hyuuga, the other Gingamen engage Magdas. Once Ryouma returns the Gingamen defeat him with Galaxy War Radiance. After drinking Balban Extract, Magdas is killed by Super Armor Shine Gingaioh after getting thrashed by GingaRhinos. Magdas is later revived and killed again by the Megarangers in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Megaranger.


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