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"What is it? (...) Girls, girls, don't fight. You're both evil. In fact, I myself have been scared of you."
―Madtropolis' first words (as Lothor) when hearing Marah and Kapri's argument and then supposedly reassuring them.[src]

"But which one of me is real?"
―Madtropolis after being confronted by the Thunderstorm Cannon and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"I'm scraping the skies! Heh heh heh heh!"
―Madtropolis after being grown by the Scroll of Empowerment.[src]

"I'm not through with you yet!"
―Madtropolis when confronted by the Samurai Star Megazord and his final words before his demise.[src]

Madtropolis is a bull/eye-themed monster that looks like he has a miniature city on top of his head. He serves as the primary antagonist of the first and second part of the three-part episode "The Samurai's Journey".


Madtropolis first tricks Marah and Kapri into thinking that he was Lothor being nice to them.

Madtropolis while disguise as Lothor.

He was summoned by Zurgane to steal the ninja powers from the Power Rangers. He appeared with an army of Kelzaks and Marah and Kapri to battle Tori and Cam. They had the upper hand until Shane, Dustin, Hunter and Blake came, the Rangers morphed and did battle. He was able to best them and take their ninja powers before retreating with Marah, Kapri, and the Kelzaks.

He was then about to blow up the ball with the ninja powers, but the Crimson Ranger manages to retrieve it (as Cam gave the Ninja Rangers a power surge to let them turn into their Ranger forms). The Red Ranger tried to battle the monster, but he was quickly outmatched so he created illusions that the Rangers must overcome. They managed to overcome it, but their power surge was wearing off, and Madtropolis was still not finished. With the last of their energy, they defeated him with the Thunderstorm Cannon.

Madtropolis grew large with the Scroll of Empowerment and after Cam transferred the ball back to Ninja Ops, the Rangers summoned the Storm and Thunder Megazords to battle the monster. But without their powers, they were outmatched. Cam sent in the Power Sphere 9: Scarf to protect the Rangers, which gave them a small advantage, but it was not enough.

After defeating both Megazords with his Lightning Beam, he was about to make the finishing strike on the Rangers until Cam used the Scroll of Time to freeze everything.

With time frozen, Sensei was able to teleport the Rangers back to safety in Ninja Ops. When Cam succeeded his mission, the Scroll of Time started to lose energy, which caused the Rangers to be teleported back to the monster's view.

Luckily, the new Green Samurai Ranger appears and pilots the Samurai Star Copper to battle Madtropolis, who was taken down to the ground when the Zord drilled though it. The Green Ranger transformed the Zord into the new Samurai Star Megazord and used the new Power Sphere 10: Bee Stinger to ultimately destroy Madtropolis. After the monster was destroyed, the Green Ranger revealed himself to be none other then Cam. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Samurai's Journey

Madtropolis was seen in an alternate dimension. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wild Wipeout

Madtropolis was among the monsters freed from the Abyss of Evil by Lothor. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Storm Before the Calm


Madtropolis is a cocky and ruthless monster who likes to toy with his enemies, but when told of the plan by Zurgane, he takes his mission seriously.

Powers and Abilities


  • Illusions: Madtropolis has the ability to create illusions of other beings.
    • Shapeshifting: Madtropolis is able to change his appearance at will.
  • Illusion World: Madtropolis can turn an area into a world where he can control the minds of his enemies and make them think that he is their ally. The Illusion World will be destroyed if the enemy hits the real Madtropolis.
  • Illusion Head: Madtropolis can create an illusion of his head.
    • Lightning Vision: As an illusion head, he can fire light orange colored lightning beams from his eyes.
  • Self-Duplication: Madtropolis can make multiple clones of himself.
  • Teleportation: Madtropolis can teleport to any location at will.
  • Leap: Madtropolis can leap a far distance.
  • Lightning Beams: Madtropolis can fire yellow lightning beams from his hands.
    • Energy Concentration: Madtropolis can sometimes concentrate his energy enough to fire his lightning beams.
      • Mega Lightning Beams: Madtropolis can concentrate his energy to fire lightning beams from his hands like before, but this time, they are large and colored orange.
  • Optic Blasts: Madtropolis can fire red energy blasts from his eyes.


  • Strength: Madtropolis is one of the stronger monsters, being able to best all five Storm Rangers in battle, as well as both the Storm and Thunder Megazords.
  • Durability: Madtropolis has thick skin that is strong enough to withstand the Red Ranger's Hawk Blaster.


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  • Power Stealing Ball: Madtropolis carries a large metal ball that he can use to steal the Rangers' Ninja powers. It can only open with great power. In the third and final part of the three-part episode "The Samurai's Journey", it was opened by all six Ninja Rangers (with Cam helping out since he became the new Green Samurai Ranger), thus returning their powers.

Behind the Scenes



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  • His name is a play on the words "mad" (insane) and "metropolis".


  • Madtropolis is the first monster to be fought by the Samurai Star Copper, as well as the Samurai Star Megazord.
  • Madtropolis is one of the strongest and most powerful monsters in Lothor's army, alongside the Wolfblades and Condortron (the finale monster of the series), having a huge arsenal of abilities, being able to best all five Ninja Rangers in battle, as well as successfully taking their Ninja Storm powers, and as a giant he is able to best both the Storm and Thunder Megazords in battle. He would have been able to finish off the Rangers if Cam had not came in to the rescue.


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