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Madness Weather

Character History

Weather Machine Monster

Madness Weather going berserk

The Madness Weather (マッドネス・ウェザー, Maddonesu Wezā, 4): A Precious discovered by a Jaryuu search team at the bottom of a lake. When they activated it, the weather in Japan went crazy. Unfortunately for the Jaryuu, the machine that they used to turn the treasure on shorted out because the treasure was simply too much for the machine to handle. The Maddness Weather was believed to the reason the Antarctic is mostly ice, with Japan next to be turned into a frozen wasteland. GoGo Machines 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were buried in ice and snow and fell into a deep crevasse. The Madness Weather later evolved into a humanoid monster form, which gave the Boukengers a hard time, but it was ultimately terminated by DaiBouken Drill's Maximum Penetration Attack, despite the GoGo Drill's power overload problems.


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