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"Let the power of the sun, the wind, and sea, gather together and come to me."
―Madame Woe's first words when chanting an unknown spell upon some cliffs before being summoned by Rita.[src]

"Woe is me!"
―Madame Woe reacting to the Power Blaster and her final words before her destruction.[src]

Madame Woe was an elemental ghost monster and evil sorceress who served as the titular main antagonist of the episode "Peace, Love and Woe."


It is unclear how Madame Woe came into existence but she is an old friend of Rita who gets her name from bringing woe or trouble to everyone she touches, meaning she wasn’t simply made straight after Rita summoned her by Finster. She was most likely either created by clay in Finster’s Monster-Matic 10000 years ago but not given a mission as Rita and her henchmen got sealed in a Space Dumpster or she may have been simply an alien who came into existence being born like Rita. Rita contacts her as she casts a spell on the Angel Grove cliffs and asks to come to her Moon Palace. Rita decides to destroy Billy so she summons Madame Woe and orders her to send the other Power Rangers except Billy to her dimension and destroy him. Woe confuses Billy's friend Marge for a Ranger and sends her to the dimension contained inside her jewel. When the Rangers arrive, she fights them and shows off her abilities to teleport, use her braids as ropes, and fly and sends the other Rangers, except Billy, to the same dimension Marge is in. Rita's plan nearly succeeds, but Billy manages to defeat her and break her jewel by snatching it from her forehead and crushing it into dust in his hand which frees his friends. The Rangers overpower the now powerless Woe with their hands and fists and Billy lands the final blow with a double punch to her chest before forming their Power Blaster and finishing off the evil sorceress for good. Flailing, she faceplants and explodes and isn't enlarged by Rita's Magic Wand due to being powerless. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Peace, Love and Woe


After being trapped on the Island of Illusion by Lokar, Billy begins to disappear after losing his self-confidenc, but Quagmire reminds Billy as of his fight with Madame Woe, referring to her as a "nightmare queen", whilst motivating him to still exist. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Island of Illusion

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Madame Woe was a cold, sinister, devious and sadistic witch, enjoying causing others to suffer. She was very intelligent and calculating despite assuming that Marge was a Power Ranger and teleported her to another dimension. She was also highly arrogant, confident and it was her weakness as she was finally defeated by the Rangers. She was, however, also extremely loyal to Rita and was shown to be good friends with her.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Madame Woe could teleport to any location at will which included zipping around the battlefield to mock Billy.
  • Rope Braid Entanglement: Madame Woe could fire her blue braids forth as ropes to entangle her enemies.
    • Electrocution: Madame Woe could charge up her braids with blue electricity to electrocute the victim trapped within them.
  • Flight: Madame Woe could propel herself into the air and fly at her enemies for aerial attacks.
  • Wind Breath: Madame Woe could spew out strong gusts of wind from her mouth.


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  • Gem Dependency: Madame Woe's source of power was the gem on her forehead and was rendered helpless after it was destroyed.


  • Claw Nails: Madame Woe had massive blood red fingernails that act as claws to hack and slash her enemies.
  • Forehead Jewel: Madame Woe had a bright blue jewel on the center of her forehead that granted her different powers and abilities.
    • Weather Control: Madame Woe could change the weather at will using her forehead jewel, allowing her to control the elements of rain, heat, wind, and cold.
    • Dimensional Teleportation: Madame Woe could create a vortex with her forehead jewel to send herself and her enemies into a bizarre side dimension.

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Behind the Scenes



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  • Her name alluded to the fact that she was female and to the "woe" that she caused.


  • Madame Woe holds the distinction of being the first female monster of the week to appear in the series.


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