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"The legend is true. He's become a Power Ranger."
―Madame Odius' first words when Dane Romero suddenly turned into the Ninja Steel Red Ranger. [src]

"Galvanax, haven't you guessed yet? Ripcon wasn't a traitor. It was me! It was always me!"
―Madame Odius betraying Galvanax.[src]

"Show's over. Ninjas lose!"
―Madame Odius after defeating the Rangers and destroying their Zords with her Foxatron Zord.[src]

"It worked! I've transformed! I am one with the Nexus Super Star! It would be unwise to resist me now, Rangers!"
―Madame Odius after changing into her ultimate form by fusing with the Ninja Nexus Star.[src]

"No! Curse you Rangers!"
―Madame Odius' final words before her death.[src]

Madame Odius was Galvanax's personal adviserand the secondary antagonist of Power Rangers Ninja Steel but she plotted against Galvanax before betraying him. After his death, she became the main antagonist of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

Character History

10 years ago, Madame Odius accompanied Galvanax and Ripcon to the Romero Residence to claim the Ninja Nexus Star from Dane Romero and proclaimed the legends about it were true when he turned into a Power Ranger. When Galvanax managed to take it, she said he would be invincible. After Dane broke the star and the pieces returned to the Ninja Nexus Prism, she told an angry Galvanax that the Prism couldn't be broken.

Ninja Steel

In the present, as a frustrated Galvanax is tired of waiting for the Ninja Power Stars to be freed so consults Odius who states that they can make new stars using the Ninja Steel that once covered the Prism and that it can be found back on Earth. However, Brody Romero escapes to Earth with the Ninja Nexus Prism and founds the Ninja Steel Rangers to combat Galvanax's forces Tvicon.png TV STORY-Return of the Prism

An angry Galvanax threateningly asks Madame Odius why, after ten years, mere humans can remove three of the Power Stars and his vicious contestants can't even take one. She can only tell him, in a fearful tone, that she hadsno idea. After the fall of Ripperat, she secretly overhears Galvanax say that he would get the stars soon. Once he departs, she says that she will see about that, revealing that she possesses the Gold Power Star and has captured the one who pulled out the Power Star, Brody's long lost older brother named Aiden Romero who is currently as a country singer named Levi Weston. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Forged in Steel

Madame Odius tells Galvanax that even Ripcon can clean the toilets properly. When Galvanax is gone, she tells Ripcon that they are having beans for dinner, extra spicy. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Drive to Survive

When Galvanax comes on Earth, Madame Odius and Ripcon are with him and they meet the Power Rangers. When Galvanax wants to fight the Rangers, Odius says to him to be careful because if he was defeated by the Rangers he will be lost because his fans hate the weakness. Furious about her note, Galvanax pushes Odius but retreats but not before saying to the Rangers that he will fight them soon and leaving Slogre to destroy them but he is later destroyed by the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Presto Change-O

In her secret lab, Madame Odius has been experimenting on Aiden by stealing his memories into the mind of his robot impostor, leaving an amnesiac Aiden only have his memories as Levi in an attempt to show her superiority to Galvanax. Tvicon.png TV STORY-My Friend, Redbot Tvicon.png TV STORY-Family Fusion

Apparently, Levi escapes when the Astro Zord finds and rescues Levi but not before Levi takes the Gold Ninja Power Star back and becomes the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger, thus returning to Earth with the Astro Zord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Hack Attack

Madame Odius tells Galvanax that the next monster she sends will be more powerful, much to Ripcon's surprise. She later saves Ripcon after he is defeated by the Rangers and lost one of his horns because of Brody, the Red Ranger. At the end, she taunts Ripcon saying he hasn't find the traitor before suggesting that perhaps Ripcon is the traitor. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Gold Rush

Madame Odius is seen aboard on the Warrior Dome Ship and asks to Galvanax if Ripcon is really competent to find the traitor among them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ranger Ribbon

Madame Odius sends one of her monsters, Toxitea, to poison the Rangers and she succeeds to poison Brody before Odius proposes to the Rangers their Power stars in exchange for the antidote to save Brody. They accept much to their anger but, when the exchange is finishedm Odius discovers that the White and Gold Rangers, (Hayley and Levi), have used the stars to make chocolate power star copies and is furious. She escapes leaving Toxitea at her fate. As Brody chases after Madame Odius, she sends her Kudabots to kill him and escapes even though Brody destroys all of them. Later, after Toxitea's death, she welcomes her new ally: Aiden who has succeeded in winning Rangers's trust. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Poisonous Plots

Later, on Odius's instructions, "Aiden" suggests that Ripcon should ally with him to destroy the Rangers and he will give the Ninja Steel to Galvanax. First mistrustful, Ripcon agrees but forbids him to tell anyone of their alliance because they are surrounded by traitors. After Ripcon leaves, Odius appears having heard all, upset that Ripcon mentioned traitors knowing that she is the traitor. After the destruction of her robot, she convinces Galvanax that Ripcon is the traitor who hid the Gold Ranger on the Warrior Dome Ship. Hearing that, Ripcon tries to reveal that Madame Odius is the traitor and accuses her in front of Galvanax and Cosmo, but she answers that she has nothing to hide. Galvanax sends Ripcon to Earth to destroy the Rangers or be destroyed. He then has Cosmo gigantify Ripcon and send two Skullgators to help him, but the Rangers destroy them with their new Ninja Fusion Zord, saving Madame Odius from being caught by Galvanax for her treachery. Later, Galvanax takes Odius in as his new second in command and is unaware that she is the real traitor. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Family Fusion

When Princess Viera arrives on the Warrior Dome Ship with Drillion to fight the Rangers, Madame Odius says to Galvanax that she is considered as weak by half of the Lion Galaxy. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Royal Rival

When Drillion returns to the Warrior Dome Ship, Odius says that he is lucky that the Rangers didn't destroy him. Furious of this note, Drillion prepares to attack her but she is saved by Galvanax, saying that she is right. Then, Madame Odius makes him stronger by transforming his second hand into a Toolbox. He fights the Rangers but he is destroyed by Brody and the Lion Fire Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Royal Rumble

Madame Odius is seen speaking with Galvanax when he is convinced that Abrakadanger is the contestant who will retrieve the Ninja Power Stars and will destroy the Power Rangers once and for all but Abrakadanger is finally destroyed by the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Abrakadanger (episode)

Madame Odius comes to Earth to say to Forcefear that he disappoints them in his fight against the Rangers. But he answers to her that the next time they gigantify him. So his force field will be powerful and the Rangers will be powerless. But they ignore that the Rangers have heard all and Forcefear is finally destroyed by the Ninja Ultrazord. Later, she returns to Earth with Galvanax and many Basherbots, when Victor and Monty unknowingly obtained the Rangers' collection of Ninja Stars thanks to their magnet. Galvanax says to her that she is right when she said that it's some kind of magnet. She asks them where they found it and Monty answers that they created it. When Galvanax asks where are the Power Stars, Odius deduces that they are always certainly with the Rangers. Galvanax answers "not for long" and orders her to bring Victor and Monty to the Warrior Dome Ship and Odius obeys. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Helping Hand

In secret, Madame Odius has Victor and Monty create a Mega Magnet for Madame Odius to destroy Galvanax and they will be heroes. When she reveals that she wants to destroy the Rangers too, they are remorseful and search to escape. She tries to catch them with her Basherbots, but Monty routs them by farting (not having digested the "Monstrous Stew" she fed him). The Basherbots are disorientated and Cosmo falls unconscious, whilst Victor and Monty escape. Furious, Odius returns at her laboratory and tells her Basherbots to activate the Mega Magnet which starts to attract the Rangers' Power Stars and all of the Ninja Steel that Galvanax has drunk. She reveals to Galvanax that the traitor wasn't Ripcon, but it was her all the time before laughing. However, the asteroid hits the Warrior Dome, and launches it into space. After the Rangers defeat Galvanax once and for all, the damaged Warrior Dome is seen somewhere in space with everything destroyed. However, Madame Odius, who has survived the explosion, emerges from the rubble and declares that the game isn't over yet before making an evil laugh. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Galvanax Rises

Super Ninja Steel

Madame Odius meets Sledge on the Warrior Dome stage

Madame Odius, with Cosmo Royale, meets Sledge, Wrench, and three of their prisoners. She forms an alliance with Badonna, taking her as one of her generals when she pledges her loyalty and provides her with Ninja Super Steel. She goes to Earth with Badonna and Smellephant, where she traps the Rangers in a cage that they tried to use on her and revives the Prism. She nearly makes her own power stars but the Rangers stop her. She leaves with Badonna while Smellephant battles the Rangers. He is then destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Echoes of Evil

After Deceptron arrives on the Galaxy Warriors stage, she gets angry and tells him to get the other Power Stars, as one is not enough.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Moment of Truth

She is seen making a spell disguised as a song for Spyclops, saying “It’s time to face the music, Rangers!”Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tough Love

Madame Odius is on the Galaxy Warriors stage, ready to press the button to activate Doomwave’s Tsunami Machine but gets angry at him when nothing happens. She then tells him to fix it but he and the machine are destroyed anyway. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Making Waves

Madame Odius and Badonna ask Game Goblin what is happening and he tells them of his plan to teleport all the Rangers into his game except Preston Tien because he powers him up. After the monster's death Badonna says she had booked the Galactic Ninjas for the next episode before she and Badonna show Cosmo Royale his reflection to make him stop playing Game Goblin.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Game Plan

Madame Odius picks up Wolvermean’s Medallion, unbeknownst to him, for a future plan.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Attack of the Galactic Ninjas

Madame Odius collects Speedwing’s medallion immediately after his death and lays them out before stating to Badonna that, if the others are destroyed, she’ll be able to put her master plan to piece to destroy the Rangers once and for all. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Need for Speed

After Rygore is destroyed, she and Badonna force Venoma to give them her medallion in order to create the Foxatron, her own personal Megazord. Odius makes good use of her new Zord by disabling all of the Rangers' Zords until her Zord loses power. Odius is livid and demands an answer from Venoma, who tells her that the medallions will be fully charged within 24 hours. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Caught Red-Handed

The next day, Odius charges the medallions as Wolvermean and Venoma demand their medallions back, but Odius promises Wolvermean that he can have his back if he destroys the Rangers within one hour. When the rangers unlock the Ninja Blaze Megazord, Wolvermean appears in his giant form. At this point, Odius finally activates her Foxatron and brutally kills Wolvermean for failing to destroy the Rangers as he promised, but the Rangers retaliate by easily destroying her Foxatron. Odius survives but is left with a scar. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Outfoxed

Sometime later, Odius strikes a deal with Lord Draven, an intergalactic tyrant. She gives him 3 mega arrows to shoot individually every time the sky turns red, destroying the dimensional barriers. Once the last arrow is fired, Odius can conquer the main dimension while Draven can conquer the remaining dimensions, including the RPM and Dino Charge dimensions. When the Legendary rangers destroy Draven's clones, Odius gigantifies Draven, but he is ultimately destroyed by Tommy Oliver before his last arrow can make an impact, preventing Odius from conquering the Rangers' dimension. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dimensions in Danger

Following the ultimate destruction of Lord Draven, Odius gives Venoma back her medallion, as it was the only medallion that survived the Foxatron explosion. Venoma makes good use of her medallion but is ultimately destroyed by the Rangers, thus permanently ending the Galactic Ninjas. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Love Stings

Odius later hires General Tynamon and his champion, Brax. She and Tynamon are able to trick the Rangers by having Brax pretend to be weak so he can have the element of surprise. When the rangers return, Odius sends Brax to finish them off, but this plan fails when Badonna intervenes, causing Brax to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Prepare To Fail

When Cosmo Royale announces Blammo as the next Galaxy Warriors contestant, Sherrif Skyfire intervenes and tries to arrest Blammo, but Odius tricks him by lying about the Rangers "stealing" the Ninja Nexus Prism. However, Skyfire soon learns the truth, so Odius sends Blammo back down to Earth, but he is destroyed by both the rangers and Skyfire. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sheriff Skyfire

Odius sends down Typeface to infect the Rangers weapons with a virus. However, this plan, like all others before it, fails as the Rangers are able to destroy Typeface thanks to Emma's computer skills. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tech Support

Odius later sends Voltipede to absorb electricity to destroy the Rangers. Though this plan fails, Tynamon is able to recover the Ninja Fusion Star after Brody drops it, much to Odius' pleasure. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Car Trouble

Odius is skeptical of Tynamon's plan to use the Ninja Fusion Star to create Megamauler by combining six Skullgators, but Tynamon reassures her that he can steal Levi's voice. However, this plan fails when Preston is able to reverse Tynamon's spell. Megamauler is destroyed as a result. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Happy to Be Me

Tynamon comes with Brax into Odius's throne room, wanting that she respects her part of their deal but she answers that he is in no position to make demands. Then she uses her hammer, revealing the secret of Tynamon: he is a tiny monster in a robot body and Odius and Badonna mock him. Tynamon apologizes but reminds to Odius that she will promise to grow him. Odius wants that he proves to her that he merits it. Odius orders Tynamon to kidnap Mick and she promises to gigantify him then gives to him a new weapon to succeed and reduces it to his size. Later, Odius talks with Tynamon about Mick and her final plan but Odius prefers to guard the surprise. She affirms that the Ninja Super Steel will be her as well as the Nexus Prism and the universe. When Tynamon reminds her of their deal, she asks one last favor: destroy the Rangers and returns to the Warrior Dome Ship when they arrive. When Tynamon's secret is exposed to the Rangers, he asks Odius to gigantify him. Odius finally accepts and orders Cosmo to gigantify Tynamon. But Tynamon is destroyed by the Ninja Ultrazord. Odius is not saddened by the death of "that tiny twit, Tynamon" and, as her mind control device worked, says to Badonna that she can launch the first phase of her final plan. But Badonna says that her ray gun can only hit one person at a time and asks how she is going to be able to control more than one person. Odius however answers that she can't but Mick can. He says that he can build a satellite to spread the rays all over Earth. Badonna brings Mick to build it and Odius wishes "sleep well" to the Rangers because it will be their last peaceful night and laughs. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Magic Misfire

As she watches Mick work on the satellite, Brax comes in begging for another chance to defeat the Rangers but simply says she already sent someone else down to Earth; Gorrox. Although Brax and Gorrox are destroyed in the end, Odius orders Mick to activate the signal and the satellite sends the broadcast to Summer Cove brainwashing the civilians including Calvin. She then tells Badonna to teleport the humans to the ship and begin the second phase of her ultimate plan. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Doom Signal

Madame Odius defeated

Odius orders Mick to get her the Nexus Prism and the Ranger's base. Just before Redbot can escape with the Ninja Super Steel, Odius and her army breaks in and steals both the Super Steel and the Prism. She then orders Mick to create a new star for her and orders Dane Romero (who was also under her control) to distract the Rangers. She knocks Brody, Levi, and Preston out for a short time and fled with the prism and her new star. Eventually the humans, Mick and Dane are freed when Hayley destroys the satellite but the Prism finishes the star allowing her to tap into her final form which proves to be more powerful than before. Even though the battle was long and hard, the Rangers combined their ninja stars and tap into the Nexus power. To defeat her, they first combined their Star Blades to unleash the Ultimate Nexus Blast which she countered with her Dark Nexus Strike, Brody gave her a final chance to surrender but she refused. They ran towards each other, being face to face in a wall of energy which soon culminated in an explosion. The Rangers leaped into the skies and unleash the Nexus Ninja Strike Steel Slash on Odius' ultimate form. Fatally wounded, Odius curses the Rangers shortly before reverting back to her normal form and falling to her knees where she explodes. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reaching The Nexus


Madame Odius was sly, charismatic, and deceitful but had gifted knowledge about the Ninja Nexus Prism's history and powers. This is shown when, in spite of the Power Stars being unobtainable, she had her spies find out about the Ninja Steel that came with the prism during its impact on Earth, leading to the possibility of creating new Power Stars from scratch. Because of her know-how, Galvanax relied on her while Ripcon got suspicious at times, hinting about her having mysterious motivations in mind which were proven correct after she was revealed to have the Gold Power Star and has had a secret room, containing a brainwashing machine holding the Gold Ranger. She knew that Brody would not recognize his own brother all grown up so she created an android that would pose as his brother to both torture and deceive him. Her cruelty and abusiveness towards Ripcon were revealed whenever he failed by getting him to do menial labor, talking down to him, or merely torturing him mentally. She was so manipulative that she was easily able to make the brutish Galvanax think that Ripcon was turning against him, in order to cover her tracks.

When she finally had the resources needed for her agenda, Odius was revealed to be completely egotistical, treacherous, unsympathetic, and sadistic as she was shown to have outright revealed to Galvanax that she was the one who framed Ripcon for being a traitor and called him simple-minded. Although she failed to realize that the Mega Mag would haul an entire asteroid carrying Ninja Steel would crash into the ship, she is still persistent with getting ultimate power and revenge on the Rangers, revealing to be a megalomaniac and a certifiable psychopath. Odius is bloodthirsty, callous, and ruthless too, especially when she kills Wolvermean because of his failure to destroy the Rangers before Foxatron's medallions were recharged. After her face got permanently scarred from the Foxatron's destruction, that just fuels her hatred of the Rangers even more than before. She was also a mechanical genius with inventing some of her nefarious inventions such as from her memory swap machine, androids, the giant Magnet, and the Robot Ranger skeleton for Lord Draven within thier alliance.


SSN-Kyuemon Izayoi.png

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Madame Odius was one of the strongest villains of the series.
  • Longevity: As stated by Madame Odius herself in "Reaching the Nexus", she had been alive for a thousand years.
  • Teleportation: Madame Odius could teleport to any location at will.
  • Kudabots Summoning: Odius could summon Kudabots at will.
  • Energy Field: Madame Odius could project an energy field to protect herself from the Ninja Blasters' blasts.
  • Power Absorption: Odius can absorb power from the Ninja Nexus Star to morph into her second form.
    • Transformation: Upon absorbing all of the Nexus Star's power, Madame Odius can transform into her ultimate form at will.
      • Energy Shockwaves: During her transformation, Odius released a shock wave of light blue energy that knocked the Rangers and everyone else around her down.


  • Technological Genius: Throughout the two seasons, Madame Odius was shown to be a technological genius. She created Aiden the robot, as well as the robots who would go on to be Lord Draven's Robot Ranger army.
  • Skilled Manipulator: Throughout Ninja Steel, Madame Odius constantly manipulated Galvanax for her own means.
  • Master Magician: In many episodes of Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel, Madame Odius was shown to be a master of magic, such as when she created her own secret room to scheme in.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Madame Odius could leap incredible distances which she did to enter and exit Foxatron.


  • Mallet: Madame Odius' signature weapon was a mallet that allowed her to chant incantations and cast spells when necessary and teleport her to the Warrior Dome Ship.
    • Hiddenness Manipulation: Madame Odius was able to open her secret room using her mallet.
    • Shrinking: Odius' mallet is able to shrink giants down to size.
    • Corruption: Odius was able to corrupt anything and anyone with her mallet, such as the Ninja Nexus Prism.
    • Levitation: Madame Odius could levitate objects and/or people with her mallet.
    • Amalgamation: Odius was able to combine objects with her mallet.
    • Energy Projection: Odius' mallet could project streams of blue energy.
    • Monster Upgrade: Madame Odius could provide monsters with upgrades as seen when she equipped Drillion with a toolbox-like claw on his left arm using her mallet.
  • Mega Magnet: Victor and Monty's super-sized invention which Galvanax used to steal the Power Stars. It was destroyed by Brody's Ninja Blaster.
  • Foxatron: Madame Odius' own Megazord, powered by the Ninja Medallions. It was destroyed by the Ninja Blaze Megazord.
  • Mind Ray Gun: This particular gun could turn anyone into hypnotized slaves which was presumably destroyed when Victor and Monty destroyed the Warrior Dome.
  • Giant Satellite: Mick's creation when he was brainwashed which Madame Odius used to hypnotize the human populace into armies of mindless slaves through the Galaxy Warriors TV network. It was destroyed by Hayley.

SSN-Sakuya Kyuemon.png

Powers and Abilities


  • Power-Being powered by the energy of the Ninja Nexus Star, Odius had great power in this form, overpowering the Rangers completely until they combined their powers.
  • Strength: Madame Odius is now stronger than before as she could easily throw Brody and Levi without any bother and it was stated that Odius became so powerful that she even surpassed Galvanax himself. Because Odius was using Ninja Super Steel for a power-up, it was possible that she even surpassed the Ninja Steel-powered Galvanax.
  • Durability: Madame Odius took multiple slashes from the Star Blades, including an energized one that knocked her down, as well as the giant explosion that was caused by the Ultimate Nexus Blast and Dark Nexus Strike and be unfazed.


  • Endurance: Madame Odius was able to fight the Rangers for a large period of time and didn't tire out.


  • Mallet Sword: Odius’s mallet changed into a sword which she could use in battle.
    • Energy Beams: Odius could charge up her sword with light blue energy and release purple and light blue energy beams from it that are powerful enough to take down all six Rangers with just three hits.
    • Dark Nexus Strike: Madame Odius's most powerful attack where she could use her mallet sword to make a large white circle and fire red and black beams from the said circle which was able to hold off the Rangers’ Ultimate Nexus Blast.

Behind The Scenes



  • Madame Odius was designed around a fox and had an incomplete kitsune mask from Noh theatre in her head design.


  • Her name is another word for revolting which added to her already negative attributes and being a space witch.


  • Madame Odius was the first main antagonist to be female since Queen Bansheera eighteen years earlier.
  • Madame Odius was female unlike her original Sentai counterpart. This was presumably changed due to Kyuemon's more feminine design (to the point of being considered male until the counterpart to "Outfoxed.")


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