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"I'll have to teach you how great I am!"
―Mad Scientist Genbu's first words enlarging himself
Prisoner #1524, Mad Scientist Genbu (狂気の科学者・ゲンブ Kyōki no Kagakusha Genbu, 25-26) is a turtle-themed scientist from the Londer Prison.

Character History

A mad scientist with an obsession for turtles who was imprisoned for endangering people in his space-time experiments. After Don Dolnero released him from the custody, Genbu was paid 50 million to eliminate the Timerangers. He managed to trap the Timerangers in the Genbu Zone, composed of various pocket dimensions of his own making based on his research, summoning his Copy Timeranger (コピータイムレンジャー Kopī Taimurenjā), copies of the Timerangers at their zenit, on them. Only Time Red and TimePink escaped the dimension, later managing to use a "in-sync battleplan" to destroy the Genbu Zone and the Timerangers' copies from the inside out without harming their friends in the process. Enraged, Genbu enlarged, created a Copy TimeRobo Alpha (コピータイムロボα(アルファ) Kopī Taimurobo Arufa) to fight for him. Once the copy was destroyed, Genbu was brought in by Shadow Beta.


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Powers and Abilities

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Behind the Scenes


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Genbu is voiced by Keiichi Sonobe.


  • His name is a pun on the constellation tortoise of the same name/"Genbu", as well on Bu (元), the japanese reading of "Yuan", the Chinese currency unit.

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