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"At your service, my ladies."
―Mad Magnet's first words when introducing himself to the now stuck together Marah and Kapri.[src]

"Goodbye Rangers! It's been fun!"
―Mad Magnet when firing upon the Wind Rangers before they form the Storm Striker and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Bigger is better!"
―Mad Magnet after being grown by the Scroll of Empowerment.[src]

"You think you can stop me with something made of metal? I’m a magnet!"
―Mad Magnet upon encountering the Zords.[src]

"I'm back!"
―Mad Magnet upon reassembling himself.[src]

"Three against one? That's not fair!"
―Mad Magnet reacting to the Storm Megazord splitting into three for the Triple Strike and his final words before his death.[src]

Mad Magnet is a robotic magnet-themed spider monster who gets fought by the Wind Rangers in the episode "There's No "I" In Team".

Character History

Mad Magnet was summoned by Marah and Kapri. The two girls had a fight but were stopped by Lothor, who had Mad Magnet show the girls his power, the ability to stick his opponents together with his Magnet Force. After being sent down to Earth by Marah and Kapri, he terrorizes the citizens of Blue Bay Harbor with his Magnet Force - until Shane intervenes. He fights the monster, but was quickly outmatched. Shane then morphed in to his Red Wind Ranger to battle the monster but Mad Magnet had the upper hand by using his Magnet Waves on the Red Ranger to stick him into the car. Mad Magnet was about to make the final blow on the Red Wind Ranger, until Shane realizes the importance of teamwork and is rescued by Tori and Dustin. The Wind Rangers tried to fight him, but none of their attacks have any effect on him. They then noticed the power source located on his chest and defeated him with the Storm Striker's Lion Hammer attack.

However, he is enlarged with the Scroll of Empowerment. To fight him in his enlarged state, Cam introduces the Rangers to their Zords: The Hawk Zord for the Red Ranger, The Dolphin Zord for the Blue Ranger and finally the Lion Zord for the Yellow Ranger. The monster did battle, but he gets burned by the Hawk Zord's Flame Attack and washed out by the Dolphin Zord's Tide Wave Attack. He gets the upper hand by using his Elastic Magnet Hand ability to grab the Hawk and Dolphin Zords, but thanks to the Lion Zord's Lion Tornado Blast, they broke free and the Lion Zord then used the After Burst attack, which easily destroys the monster. However, Mad Magnet manages to put himself back together, and the Wind Rangers had to join their Zords to form the new Storm Megazord. It proved immune to debris being explosively thrown at it and they then used the Serpent Sword's Triple Strike to finally destroy him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-There's No "I" In Team

He was later seen in the alternate reality working for Kelly Halloway at Storm Chargers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wild Wipeout

Mad Magnet is among the monsters Lothor freed from the Abyss of Evil. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Storm Before the Calm


Mad Magnet speaks in a robotic-like voice. Despite his arrogant manners and habit of mocking his foes, Mad Magnet is loyal to Lothor.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Mad Magnet is able to teleport at will.
  • Magnet Force: Mad Magnet's primary ability where he can fire green colored lightning beams from either his hands or eyes that can create magnetic forces between people and stick them together, as shown when he stuck Kapri and Marah together. The power source of this ability is located on his chest.
    • Opposites Attract Pyramid Formation: If he sticks enough people together into a pyramid shape, he can fire a red energy laser from the sides of his head on the people to turn them into metallic statues, as shown when he used the tactic on the citizens of Blue Bay Harbor. The people will be turned back to normal if he is destroyed.
    • Lightning Beam: Sometimes, the Magnet Force can do physical damage similar to that of a regular lightning beam.
  • Magnet Waves: Mad Magnet is also able to launch light green colored lightning beams from his head to throw metal objects at his opponents through the use of magnetic waves, and can even stick metal objects to his opponent (or vice versa) as shown when he stuck Shane to a car.
  • Elastic Magnet Hands: Mad Magnet can turn his hands into magnets and stretch them to incredible lengths. If the magnets are in contact with the enemy, they will stick.
  • Reformation: Mad Magnet can reform himself if destroyed by a normal attack.


  • Speech: Mad Magnet can talk although he doesn't have a visible mouth.


  • Chest Core: While Mad Magnet is a powerful fighter, he does have a weak point, which is the energy core located on his chest. But even if the core gets destroyed, it didn't seem to matter to him during the Zord fight.


  • Armor: Mad Magnet has metal armor that is completely unaffected by the Ninja Swords.
  • Double Bladed Staff: Mad Magnet is armed with a large double bladed staff for combat.
    • Invisible Force: From his staff, he can fire an invisible force at his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Whenever he walks, a thunderous booming sound can be heard.
  • Mad Magnet is known for being the very first monster of the season to:
    • Be turned giant.
    • Be fought by the Ninja Zords.
    • Be fought by the Storm Megazord.


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