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"Marty isn't here anymore."
―Mad Mackerel[src]

"There's always a bigger fish!"
―Mad Mackeral´s words when grown by the Hydro-Regenerator.[src]

Mad Mackerel is a bonito/olive/fishing rod-themed monster created by Elsa. He was originally Marty Mackerel, an actor in the popular children TV show Funky Fisherman show. But he was kidnapped by Elsa and transformed into the monster Mad Mackerel. He appears as the temporary main antagonist of the episode "It's a Mad Mad Mackerel" in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


Creation of Mad Mackerel

Marty Mackerel was an actor in the famous children TV show Funky Fisherman. The show was a favorite show of Ethan when he was a kid. Marty had difficult relationships with the Funky Fisherman, the quarrelsome host of the show. Marty practiced the Happy Fish dance and met Kira and Devin, who were taken as interns to the show. He greeted them and told them not to worry about the problems in their work. He was then called by his angry boss, who wanted herb bath. Marty wished luck to the young people and left. Marty, Funky Fisherman and other members of the show started the TV program, which was watched on TV sets. People sang their song and Marty danced his Happy Fish dance. Elsa, Trent and Zeltrax also watched the program and Elsa decided to capture Marty and turn him into the new monster. Elsa attacked the studio with Tyrannodrones and battled Kira. The Yellow Ranger tried to stop the villains, but she didn't manage to do so. Elsa mistakenly zapped Funky Fisherman into the TV set and kidnapped Marty. Villains brought Marty to the lair of Mesogog. Marty tried to talk with them, saying that he was impressed by their costumes. Tyrannodrones placed him into the Geno-Randomizer and transformed him into the new monster Mad Mackerel, who is a bonito/olive/fishing rod monster. Marty's personality extremely changed in this new form. Mad Mackerel was a cunning and sneaky monster. Mad Mackerel then attacked Reefside and used his fishing rod to turn citizens into bait balls and put them into his jar to lure the Power Rangers. The Rangers arrived and battled Mackerel. Mad Mackerel could fire projectiles in the form of fishes. He also used his fishing rod in battle to try and capture the heroes, but the Rangers broke it. Then he left. The Mackerel returned and again started capturing people by using a new fishing rod. The Rangers arrived and again battled Mackerel. Kira tried to talk to Marty, but Mackerel said that he is no longer Marty. Tommy used a special device created by Hayley to deflect Mackerel's beam at the TV set, freeing Funky Fisherman. Kira then took away Mackerel's bag, freeing his captives. The Rangers then used the Z-Rex Blaster and defeated the monster, who tried to escape. Elsa used the Hydro-Regenerator to enlarge Mackerel. The Rangers formed Thundersaurus Megazord to fight him. The monster striked the Megazord with his hooks, but the Rangers used Thundersaurus Megazord's Ankylo Drill and Parasaur Final Cut to finally defeat Mackerel and destroy the Geno-Randomizer's configuration. Marty returned to normal and became friends with Funky Fisherman. Tvicon.png TV STORY-It's a Mad Mad Mackerel


Marty was a kindhearted, gentle and sympathetic actor, who was also a polite and friendly individual. He had difficult relationships with Funky Fisherman, who was abusive and unpleasant to him although Marty was the one who made him famous in the first place. As the Mad Mackerel, Marty was an insane and cunning monster who enjoyed kidnapping people and battling the Power Rangers. Marty returned to normal after being defeated by the Rangers. He also became friends with the Fisherman, who became far more kinder and friendlier.


Powers And Abilities

  • Trap Beam: Mackerel can fire a pink-purple energy beam from his hand that can trap people in an object, such as a television.
  • Tuna Stomach Projectiles: The Mad Mackerel can shoot projectiles in the form of tuna fishes from the mouth on his stomach to attack his enemies.
  • Skilled Fisherman: The Mackerel is skilled in fishing his opponents in efficiently.
  • Teleportation: Mad Mackerel can teleport at will.
  • Strength: Mackerel demonstrated big physical strength during the battle with Thundersaurus Megazord.


  • Fishing Rod: He used his fishing rod to catch people. He gained a new rod after his first one broke.
    • Capturing: The Mad Mackerel can catch people with his fishing rod and transform them into small green energy spheres.
    • Hook Launch: Mackerel can also launch hooks from his rod in battle.
  • Bait Jar: The Mackerel has a large jar he can put on his waist where he keeps all the people he captured as small energy spheres.
  • Fish Knife: The Mad Mackerel can also use a combat knife in battle.
  • Right Hook Wrist Blades: On Mad Mackerel's right wrist is a set of hook-like blades which he can stab his opponents with.
  • Left Fish Bladed Gauntlet: Mad Mackerel also has a fish-style gauntlet with a tail-like blade on his left arm.

Behind The Scenes



  • The Mad Mackerel is the first person to be transformed into a monster in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. The other monster to be created from a human would be the Horn-Rimmed Monster.
    • He is also the first monster to be made from a human since Marvo the Meanie.
    • It is unknown if he had any last words before his death.

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