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"You saved me! Who would have thought there'd be a jailbreak!"
―Mad Bomber Jekkar's first words upon being released[src]

"Now, I'll just destroy this entire city!"
―Mad Bomb Jekkar's first words after being enlarged[src]

Mad Bomber Jekkar (爆弾魔・ジェッカー Bakudanma Jekkā, 2) is a ladybug-themed criminal from the Londer Prison.


A cybernetic mad bomber who was sentenced for 120 years in the Londer Prison for carrying out numerous terrorist attacks with his bombs. Jekkar was the first Londerz prisoner to be thawed and unleashed to cause havoc in the 21st century city, using his bombs to threaten the government into providing him cash. The Timerangers foiled his plans and TimeRed wounded him. However, said attack exposed and peeled the Depression Seal, causing Jekkar to grow and he started to attack the city. If it wasn't for Captain Ryuya's intervention, by activating the Emergency System, the Timerangers would had been killed in the ensuing chaos. Jekkar was brought in by TimeRobo Alpha after being overpowered by its Beta form.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Laser Blasts: Jekkar can shoot laser blasts from the spearhead on his right arm when enlarged.


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  • Spear Arm: After being enlarged, Jekkar's right arm was replaced with a large spearhead with several built-in cannons.


Behind the Scenes


Jekkar is voiced by Shigenori Sōya.


  • Jekkar's design is based off of a ladybug.

Concept Art


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