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Machinegun Jaguar (マシンガンジャガー Mashinganjagā, 36) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, combining attributes of a machine gun and a jaguar

Character History

Machinegun Jaguar was created in a scheme working alongside Prince Megiddo to abduct Professor Yamashita, a researcher friend of Professor Yumeno who discovered the "Millennium Cave" and wished to reveal its secrets. The Mechavolution Beast easily crushes the Dynaman, further made worse with Megiddo taunting that the team should use Super Dynamite on it to further prove its uselessness against Mechaevolution Beasts up to now. The Dynaman are forced to train with Yumeno after this embarrassment to finally work out a means to attack it, ultimately leading to the New Super Dynamite attack combining the spiral of a tornado and their explosive power to attack. In this second battle, the New Super Dynamite finally destroys Machinegun Jaguar, giving the Dynaman their first true victory over Mechaevolution. After Kar uses the Big Bang Beam, the team uses Tornado Spark (a move for DynaRobo which uses a tornado motion similar to New Super Dynamite with both fists thrown out) to stun Machinegun Jaguar before a final Lightning Gravity Fall to finish it.


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Modus and Arsenal

Machinegun Jaguar is equipped with a machine gun on the right hand to shoot anyone and missiles with tremendous force and accuracy launched from the mouth.


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Concept art


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Behind the Scenes

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