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Engine Speedor,Engine Buson and Engine Bear RV chasing Gaiarks in episode 1

The Machine World (マシンワールド Mashin Wārudo) is the braneworld which is home to the Engines and the evil Gaiark.




Following the Legend War, the Engines waged resistance from Machine World to Gunman World, which was being terrorized by Gaiark Pollution President Babatcheed. Though Speedor and Bear RV had bore a child, Engine Machalcon, he chose to spend his time racing around back in Machine World rather than assist either them or the Gokaigers, despite his status as the Go-Ongers' Greater Power which had been granted to them by Go-On Yellow. Ep. 35: Dimension on the Other Side

Seeking his power and prevented from entering Human World by Babatcheed's Isolation Barrier, Sosuke Esumi and the Gokaigers entered Machine World to confront Machalcon. At first, he was unwilling to help despite his parents' pleas. When Sousuke tried to convince the Engine in his own annoying way, an irritating Machalcon fired at the Gokai Galleon while saying that he would help if they could catch him. The Gokaigers accepted his challenge as they use their Gokai Machines to pursue the Engine in his tracks. As Gokai Red pointed out that the Engine is really running away from his troubles, he had the Gokai Galleon, the Gokai Jet, and the Gokai Racer combine onto Machalcon to slow him down. Finally, admitting that his rebellious attitude was because he had been unable to find anything to fight for, and being jealous of his parents' heroism, Machalcon was accepted as a Gokai Galleon crew member as he uses his power to shatter the Isolation Barrier. After Babatcheed was scrapped, Machalcon returned to Machine World with the promise to come to the Gokaigers' aid when needed. Ep. 36: Partner Pirate

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