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Machine Monger (キカイモンガー Kikai Mongā, 6) is a Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Machine Monger is created by both Hell Saturn's Monger technology and Queen Hedrian's magic, the latter giving him the telekinetic powers to control machines. After testing its machine controlling abilities by seizing control of Kin'ya Samejima's motorcycle briefly, it is used in the main scheme where the Zero Girls, disguised as "21st Centry Machines", make the people of the town trade in all of their old machines for new ones with the special diode it uses to control them. Once installed, Machine Monger seizes control of all diode-attached devices, turning the machines against people and forcing them to attack; even turning a vacuum cleaner received by Misa Arashiyama against her! While Sun Vulcan tries to maintain calm, Commander Arashiyama and Misa try to use the Zero Girls scheme against them by making their own machine display (with Arashiyama dressed as "Robotan", a living robot) to lure out Machine Monger to attack and thus allow Sun Vulcan to face it. Machine Monger uses an entire construction site against the team, but they attack it with the Vulcan Sticks before destroying him with the Sun Vulcan Ball; after its Expansion Program activates, it is dealt with quickly with Sun Vulcan Robo.


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His main ability is the use of a special "diode" that attaches to any machine or device and those attached with the diode can be controlled by Machine Monger's telekinetic powers, making them appear to move on their own and attack as instructed. He also has a double-bladed staff he uses as a weapon that can be used as a remote control, use grenades, and can jump high.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art

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